Specially curated temple jewellery by Aaharya

Aaharya works with artisans to create masterpieces of temple jewellery which are handcrafted in silver and dipped in gold leaf. 
The designs are rooted to our culture and traditions, recognizing craftsmen and with a vision to take forward Indian art. Temple jewellery now redefined for the 21st century women.

Here are few collections by Aaharya :
1) Estalon Earrings:
Click here to Shop at Price: INR 9500
2) Arata Necklace
Click here to Shop at Price: INR 16500
3) Chandrabalis:
Click here to Shop at Price: INR 11500
Shopping Information:
Visit Aaharya website for more collections Click here

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Image courtesy: Aaharya 
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