A Quest to Revive some of the Dying Weaves of Odisha – Vriksh Studio

Vriksh, the design studio by textile designer Gunjan Jain from Bhubaneswar works with handloom weavers and artists to ensure traditional designs are re-interpreted by retaining their values. The studio brings in contemporary aesthetics in its textiles by adding a fresh perspective to each piece.

Odisha was once famous for its unique sarees, but the art is now fighting for survival. Gunjan is on a mission to revive and popularize some of these rare and dying weaves of Odisha through Vriksh. 

Vriksh has been working to revive Bomkai and the Dhalapathar sarees. These are among the rare original weaves that Odisha was once famous for. The brand has finest tussars of coastal Odisha to naturally dyed cotton saris from Koraput to rarest Bomkai, Dhalapathar, Habaspuri sarees and many more.
Vriksh encouraged weavers to return to their art with a fresh appreciation for their own creativity and providing them modern design support. The brand also ensures fair wages and a better marketing platform to boost weaver’s confidence.
 The proud moment came in 2013 when four tussar weavers from the Vriksh community bagged the prestigious Odisha State Handloom Awards 2013 for best design and weaves from the Odisha govt.

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