Contemporary Handwoven Urban Drape Sari from Sri Lanka – Fashion

Fashion Market.LK , the popular brand from Sri Lanka is showcasing the best of Sri Lankan style with a distinct international edge.
This Contemporary Handwoven Urban Drape sari woven in traditional Sri Lankan Dumbara weave, tributes our modern day woman, symbolizing her easy-going yet undeniable, sophisticated nature.
Their incredible new collections are inspired by real life, street style, art, and culture.
Batik Saree, Cotton Saree
Here are few collections by Fashion
1) Retro Citrus Batik Saree
Click here to Shop at Price: INR 5950
3) Kalu Sudu Rata 
Click here to Shop at Price: INR 7500

4) Nautical Passion

Click here to Shop at Price: INR 7336

2) Lime Twist

Click here to Shop at Price: INR 2950

6) Moon Flower – Silk Batik Saree

Click here to Shop at Price: INR 9500
Shopping Information:
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Image courtesy: Fashion
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