Trendy hand woven cotton linen sari for perfect summer layers by Ka Sha

“JYAMITI”, the Summer/Spring 2017 collections by Ka Sha is just awesome and trendy. The new collections are hand woven cotton linen sari and handcrafted using clamp dyeing and dip-dyeing techniques. These modern saris are relaxed and make for perfect summer layers.
About Brand:
The fashion label Ka Sha started in the year 2011 by Karishma Shahani Khan. The label focuses on being multi-cultural and has a perfect fusion of design techniques and fabrics. The brand has a focus on giving every garment its own uniqueness with artistic expression, handcrafted quality, and  natural textiles. The label focuses on design as a celebration with the re-interpretation of materials and their function at every step depending on the need.
 The brand aims to help increase fair trade and benefit artisans at the grass root level for their revival and longevity. It stands as a means of promotion of an entire body of the craft, from a bead maker to a leather worker, a dyer, and a weaver.
Here are few new JYAMITI collections of Ka Sha:
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Image courtesy: Ka-Sha
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