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“My Love affair with Patola Sarees” – Ayush Kejriwal

The young designer from Glasgow, London, Ayush Kejriwal brings some of the mesmerizing saree collections. He is the person who dreams and has potential to make it in reality. The perfect fusion of colors and the ethnic touch in his collections will definitely touch your soul.
The brand promotes the importance of being both real and realistic and presents an eclectic mix of different styles and influences from an array of subjects. The brand believes that people are more design literate and have a growing sensibility to how things look and feel and hence you can notice the richness and depth through design along with a bit of soul in every piece of his collections.
I have always been a fan of Patola sarees and when I finally found a weaver who was willing to work with me I was overjoyed. They are absolutely magical and you can never have enough of them. The skill, time and effort that goes into bringing these beauties to life are commendable. You can’t begin to imagine how stunning these are until you see one in person, touch the luxurious silk and notice the small imperfections of the weave. The one thing that I find most astonishing about Patolas is that you can’t tell one side from another, they are same on both sides and you can wear them without worrying about the right side. They are so versatile you can wear them in numerous ways. In this particular picture I have styled them with floral blouses, some floral hair accessories and bold statement jewelry. Some of you may disapprove of it but that’s fine, I think they look wonderful together. I wouldn’t change a thing. ” – Ayush Kejriwal
About Patan Patola: A cloth that never fades away. The patola is woven on a primitive hand operated harness loom made out of rosewood and bamboo strips. The bamboo shuttle is made to move to and fro through warp shades. Each weft thread is examined thoroughly and matched with each part of the warp design pattern while weaving. Because of the double resist dyeing process, “The colours in the Patolas never fade. The fabric might wear out after a 100 years, not before that. But, even then, the colours remain intact,” Patola weaving depends on the high accuracy of the weaving involved, that means positioning of the warp and weft will determine the weave of perfect design and colour. The process is time and labour intensive, require a high order of skill and dexterity. The most common motifs used in Patola are geometric designs of flowers, animals like elephants, birds like parrots, and human figures. Because of the intensive manual work, and the time and effort involved.

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