10 quirky stuffs by Krafted with Happiness for the ones, who love something colorful and funky

Krafted with Happiness is a young brand by the ones passionate about everything quirky. They curate and design women-centric things which continuously strive to make a lovely concoction of happiness and quirky, to make sure that any and everything you carry from them, is an extension of your true self- the self that refuses to succumb to the world’s monotony.
1) Truffle Parade Earrings
2) Gypsy Coin Choker:
3) Koena Tassel Earring:

4) Sasswati Denim Jacket:

5) Gorgeous Gota Ring

6) Banjara Statement Necklace:
7) Coin Choker Top: 
8) Tiny You’re My Sun Earring


9) Fab Floral Earring:
10) Oops . We have not listed the 10th one here. But you can help us by visiting their amazing website and letting us know, which one you liked or would like to buy in the comments below.
Shopping Information:
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