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The fashion jewelry label ‘Aaraa by Avantika’ has been founded by Avantika Dhruv Agrawal, Accessory Designer, alumni of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. The brand beautifully captures the art of ornamentation in a very contemporary style.
The design has the perfect fusion of traditional Indian art with modern stylish fashion. Each and every product at Aaraa is handcrafted and one of a kind.
  Tikli_Aaraa by Avantika Jewelery
The brand recently introduced her new collections “Ista”. Each and every piece are intricate and beautiful and the work is stunning and simply marvelous. Every piece is a complete masterpiece in itself. They have beautiful contemporary jewelry which lights up any outfit. The rich colors, the gorgeous designs and the way each piece molds to tell a story of its own, is mind-blowing. Right from the texture and finish to the hues of the gemstones. Quite a few pendants are antique and vintage in nature.
The collection boasts of some beautiful and bright color combinations of gemstones that have been sourced from all over the country.
Here are few new collections “ISTA”
 Tikli_Aaraa by Avantika Jewelery Tikli_Aaraa by Avantika Jewelery Tikli_Aaraa by Avantika Jewelery Tikli_Aaraa by Avantika Jewelery

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