You can’t take your eyes off of these stunning Kalamkari work | by Surraj Kathuria

Kalamkari tradition of painting on cloth with vegetable dyes is unique in many respects. It has gained own importance as a visual medium to showcase the Hindu folk religion through the Chitrakatha tradition. The art played a significant role in propagating the most popular stories like the Ramayana, The Mahabharata, and several other Hindu Shastras.
The Label “Surraj Kathuria” has been a well-known name in the traditional Indian textile crafts. The designer is versatile in choosing his inspiration that widens up the scope and area of exploration. Surraj’s sensibility of creating a modern look from the age-old and traditional style forms is the essence of what his label stands for today.
 Tikli.in_Surraj KathuriaTikli.in_Surraj KathuriaTikli.in_Surraj KathuriaTikli.in_Surraj KathuriaTikli.in_Surraj Kathuria
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