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Breast Milk Jewelry – Preserve The Bond Between A Mother and Baby

Breast milk jewelry is made of a mother’s breast milk as a keepsake in various forms of jewelry like rings, lockets, pendants etc. Pendants may include custom background colors, children’s names and are made in many shape choices. Mostly Sterling Silver is filled with the preserved breast milk to create the jewelry.
Photo Credit: Beyond The Willow Tree

The jewelry piece is covered in a clear resin to preserve it. It’s a long and tedious process to preserve the motherhood and make it memorable.

Some Of The Renowned Breast Milk Jewelry Brands:

1) Beyond The Willow Tree:

Beyond The Willow Tree, the Australian brand specializes in professional DNA keepsake artistry such as jewelry from breast milk since 2013. The brand also creates beautiful pieces from your loved one’s hair, baby’s umbilical.
2) Indigo Willow- Breast Milk Pendants & Jewelry:
The Arizona-based company— Indigo Willow creates something beautiful and tangible to remember a special time of a mother’s life.
3) Momma’s Milky Love:
The Indian artist Preethy Vijay’s brand Pretty Creations is creating exclusive breast milk jewelry, umbilical cord jewelry and Keepsakes to preserve the bond between a mother and her baby.
4) Baby Bee Hummingbirds: 
Baby Bee Hummingbirds was established in 2014 by Amy McGlade. The brand was born out of her deep desire to capture and preserve her most precious memories.

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