This Bengaluru Brand Spreading the Message of Non-Violence through their Beautiful Ahimsa Silk Sarees

The Bengaluru based handcrafted apparel and accessories brand Vipakka recently launched their much awaited Saree Collection to promote Non-Violence.

The latest collection of Vipakka uses Ahimsa Silk, also known as peace silk. Ahimsa silk is an Eco FriendlyVipakka Silk Fabric that’s created through a sustainable process of procuring silk fabric without killing silk worms.

The sarees not only have the amazing fabric but also have beautifully hand painted pattachitra art narrating RaasLeela of Lord Krishna on it. Vipakka has been constantly working with finest artisans from the land of Jagannath to revive the age old pattachitra art form.
Take a look at the beautiful saree collections here.

The fashion brand also creates pattachitra jewelry, handcrafted pattachitra dupattas, dokra and stone jewelry and home decor products.

Shopping Information

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