5 Ways For Women to Look Glamorous with Traditional Outfit

Even though no other outfit can counter the spirit of the Indian traditional outfits, it’s undeniable that looking perfectly glamorous with those can quite often be baffling.

But, guess what?
You have nothing to worry about anymore.
Today, we are going to present you with 5 ways to take your traditional outfit to another level that is going leave you GLAMOUROUS!
  1. Add an oomph to your basic traditional outfit

There are a lot of things that you can do to the basic traditional outfits and revamp your look completely.

Don’t go basic with your saree!

Undoubtedly, saree is always going to be a traditional essential for most Indian women. However, many a time’s turning the same old saree into a glamorous piece and standing out can become a bit of a task.
But, don’t worry!
Here, we have 3 different saree styles to turn your plain boring saree into a glamourous hoot!
  • Try the pre-stitched gown saree look

Even though a gown might seem like the perfect glamourous attire especially for a party, not a lot women out there are comfortable in wearing one.
Well, if you are someone who has always wanted to try a gown but love the comfort of a saree, this is the perfect style for you.
To achieve the look, you will require a beautiful saree and a matching petticoat (underskirt) along with a peplum top to perfectly complement the saree.
For this, start by wearing the basics including the petticoat and the peplum top. Once that’s done, take your saree and tie a knot on the opposite end of your saree. Now, tuck that knot inside your petticoat below your navel. Then, wrap the saree around the waist once and bring it to the front. You need to then make a few regular pleats and tuck it where you had previously tucked the first knot. Secure it with a safety pin.
You will be then left with a pallu fabric. Strat making pleats of that pallu and take it over your left shoulder and secure it with a bobby pin.
Guess what?
Your gown saree is ready!
  • Wear pants with your saree

In the fast paced world where the pants have become the synonym for serenity, what if we could pair it with a saree to bring the ultimate fusion of glamour and comfort?
We have the ultimate answer, pant saree!
Here, all you need are a short and light saree fabric, a blouse and some matching pants to go with the saree.
Once you have worn your blouse and pants, start making pleats from the opposite end of the saree pallu. Tuck them under your naval and secure them with safety pins.
Then wrap the remaining fabric once around your waist and start pleating again. This time take the pleats over your shoulder and secure them.
You will be left with the glamourous pant style saree look!
  • How about the dhoti saree look?

Well, to be honest mastering the dhoti saree look isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, once you transform your saree into this style, you’ll know it’s worth all of it!
To perfect this trendy and glamorous look, you need an amazing blouse and some leggings complementing a simple saree.
For this, start by wrapping the saree around you from the back leaving a few inches of the saree fabric from both the sides. Now, bring both the sides to the front and secure it with a safety pin in the middle.
Then, bring the right side of the fabric over to the left and wrap it around your waist once. You will then be left with the pallu fabric. Pleat it and take some of it over your shoulder and secure it. Take the rest of the pleated fabric around your waist and secure it in the center.
Remember the fabric we had left earlier, you need to make pleats on that fabric and take it from in-between your legs to the back and tuck it in. secure it and voila your dhoti saree is ready!
Change your Anarkali look
Anarkali is go-to for most women when they want a hassle-free traditional look. However, Anarkali can seem a bit repetitive.
But, we have a few tips for you to make your Anarkali fun and glamorous!
If your Anarkali is very plain and doesn’t have much work done on it then, make sure the dupatta you go for is heavily embroidered. This will give you a very subtle yet a glamorous look.
Instead of wearing the old styles of Anarkali, take inspiration from the runways. You can try indo-western Anarkali or even try the slitted Anarkali.
Make sure that the type of Anarkali you are going for suits the occasion you want to look glamorous for. This is where the right fabric comes to play.
You need to keep the length of your Anarkali. Make sure it flatters your height. If you have a short frame then, you should avoid extremely long Anarkali as they can make you look even shorter. On the other hand, if you are someone who is pretty tall then avoid knee length Anarkali and go for long flowy patterns instead.
Take fashion risks with your lehenga dupatta
If you are planning on wearing a lehenga choli then, you can turn it into unique styles by styling the dupatta in different styles.
You have a ton of options with that dupatta of yours!
You can drape the dupatta like a saree, or show off the back of your blouse by keeping the dupatta low. You can even try the double-sided dupatta style like many celebs. The sky is the limit here!
  1. Pick the right color outfit

Believe it or not, the wrong color outfit can completely ruin your look even it’s a beautiful piece of rational clothing.
So, if you want to look absolutely gorgeous with your traditional outfit, make sure you get one in a color that flatters you.
While choosing the perfect color for yourself, you need to remember that a lot of factors come into play here. The ideal color of your outfit could be based your perfect undertone or your skin tone for that matter.
  1. Colours to avoid

Different colors complement various skin tones differently.
If you have a fair complexion, you should avoid dull colors and opt for bright colors you can easily pull them off.
If you have a whitish or a dark skin tone then, avoid neon shades at all costs and go for reds, blues or metallic colors to flatter your skin tone.
Apart from the skin tone, undertones can also affect the look of the outfit on you.
So, if you are someone that has warm undertones then, you should avoid colors like deep reds or blues. Whereas if belong to the cool undertone family then, avoid browns or yellows.

Colours to try:

Looking glamorous can sometimes mean giving unconventional colors a chance.
You should definitely give colors like coral, mint green, beige, Marsala, etc. a chance. Unconventional colors like these are going the basic traditional colors a glamorous twist.
Make sure the fit of the traditional wear flatters your body
There are numerous traditional Indian outfits for women with different fits and various styles. But, Women across the globe have different shapes and sizes. In fact, certain traditional styles have the power to accentuate specific body types.
However, it would be unfair to group them up into just a few shapes. But, here we have taken few generic body shapes into account to give you a rough idea as to which outfit could be more suitable for you.
If you are someone with an hourglass figure then, you should totally wear something that could draw attention to your beautiful curves. Lehenga cholis, Anarkali with an empire line cut and even basic sarees would definitely be perfect for you.
If you have a pear-shaped body then, you should wear outfits that could flatter your waistline. You can easily experiment with edgy necklines with different outfits. However, outfits with an A-line fit like slitted kurtas would give you a beautiful shape.
In case you belong to the apple-shaped category then, you should go for outfits that can highlight your lower body. You can definitely give pant style or dhoti style sarees a try.
That being said, despite your body type as long as you carry any outfit with sheer confidence, you are going to shower glamour everywhere you go!
  1. Accessorize it smartly

The right jewelry or accessory for your traditional outfit can make or break your glamorous look.
Let’s start, shall we?
If your outfit has pretty heavy embroidery or other work is done on it, then you should accessorize to the minimal. On the other hand, if you feel that your outfit is pretty simple ancient doing much for you then, go crazy with those accessories!
Too many pieces of jewelry can often ruin the intricate work of the outfits. So, wear jewelry accordingly. Also, make sure that the color of your jewelry goes with the saree that you are wearing. Trust us; you do not want to look like a mismatch!
Apart from the jewelry, the right carry bag, and the footwear are not to be looked over. But, many of us just hate all the hard work that goes behind finding those. However, in the digital world, everything has gone online. Yes, even shopping! So, you can shop everything you want in the comfort of your home. But, if you are still worried that these are going to be very hard on your pocket, then you can easily find coupons and discounts online that can give you the perfect glamorous look for any occasion.
If you don’t want to carry anything with you, you go girl! However, if you are someone who needs a clutch or a handbag to carry some essentials then, make sure it goes with your outfit. If your traditional outfit is bejeweled then, go for a bejeweled pursed. If your outfit is plain and simple then, go for colors that can enhance the basic look.
When it comes to the ideal footwear, most outfits look great with high heels. In fact, blocked heels would be comfortable and stylish for you. However, if you feel uncomfortable in heels, go for flats with gold, silver or copper tones. These go with almost all outfits and colors.
In the end, make sure you don’t go too overboard with these and spoil the core essence of your traditional outfit.
  1. Wear the right makeup and hair

Trust us, the wrong makeup or hairstyle can completely take the focus off your outfit and keep you far from being glamorous.
You need to register one thing in your mind that the makeup and hair go hand in hand with your outfit. The tones of your makeup and the style of your hair need to complement the color and style of your outfit.
In fact, if your outfit is already creating a lot of gorgeous drama then, you should keep your hair and makeup pretty basic. On the other hand, if your outfit is too simple then, you can take it to the next level by keeping your hair and makeup a bit extra!
In fact, the makeup and hair are also going to be influenced by the occasion and the purpose of your outfit.
We hope that these above-mentioned ways are going to leave you nothing less than glamorous!

Author:  Nisha 

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