This Banaras Brand Recreating The Dying Romance between Women and the Weave

With a vision to recreate the dying romance between the women and the weave, Roliana offers it’s contemporary hue and charm to the timeless textiles of Benaras. Founded by Vikash and Roli Mehra, Roliana has a flair for accentuating the feminine beauty by bringing together weaves of elegance in shades of eclectic inspiration.

We take pride in exclusively representing the splendor of benarasi textiles for we work as engaged partners and not stoic patrons of their skilled craftsmanship. For this reason alone, our fabrics hold the sacred devotion of the hands that create it while our designs breathe a collective creative effulgence.Together with a discerning eye to detail and impeccable standard of quality, we weave perfect sartorial sophistication for a woman of taste.


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Label: Roliana -The Benaras Splendour

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