Top 5 Sarees Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Saree is one of an important part of Indian society, hence when there is function Indian women are always trying to wear something unique, right? We all know Banarasi silk saree, Kanjivaram sarees, and Chanderi sarees are well-known and you all have in your wardrobe right. So which saree can give you a different look than others? Here, we make the list of top 5 sarees which every woman should have in her wardrobe.

  1. Ikkat sarees

Ikkat sarees are out of a long tie and dye work on the textile material. In Telangana, it recognizes as Pochampally saree. One can wear Ikkat sarees in any function, as its artwork on saree looks stunning and makes you different from others. As per resources, Telangana government gave Pochampally saree to Ivanka Trump on her India visit.

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2. Kalamkari sarees

Are you artist person? Do you love painting? If yes, then before purchasing sarees you have to look once at Kalamkari sarees. To make kalamkari sarees special kind of workers needed due to complicated design of the saree.

Source: Gaurang Shah
Source: House of Blouse

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3. Bandhani sarees

If you are from Gujarat and Rajasthan then no introduction required for this wonderful saree. Bandhani is also called “Bandhej” and the saree is from Gujarat and Rajasthan, but in some part of the south it recognizes as “chungidi”. To make Bandhani saree is an art in itself, where designers use tie and dye work. Bandhani sarees are famous for its dot work design.

Source: Ayush Kejriwal

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4. Madhubani sarees

Do you want to look different in function? Then, this saree will help you. In function, where everyone wears tradition Kanjivaram or Banarasi saree and you wear this wonderful Madhubani saree, I am sure you will grab all eyeballs in your favor and everyone will admire your fashion sense for sure. Madhubani saree designs are handmade painting done in Madhubani of Bihar. The women of rural Bihar, especially from Madhubani make this wonderful sarees and it is also believed that Raja Janak Father of Sita told artists to capture the marriage of Lord Ram and Sita in the form of Madhubani artwork.


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5. Jamdani saree

Jamdani is a Persian word and one of the well-known work of a craftsman, which is pride, identity, dignity, and social cohesion of Bengali culture.The making of Jamdani saree is highly labor-intensive work due to its highly rich motifs. To complete Jamdani saree it will take easily month to a year, hence, one can imagine here, the deep work in this beautiful saree.

Source: Gaurang Shah
Source: Gaurang Shah

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Thank you and comment which other saree can also enter in this list.

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