10 Types of Earrings You’d Want to Own if You Love Earrings

Earrings are the only accessories which can alone serve to uplift the whole of your outfit’s look, without the need of combining it with other accessories unless you really want to. They are not just accessories but statement pieces. There are a variety of earrings available in the market, and people who love wearing earrings would really want to own all of these, which is quite impossible. So to make things easy for you, we have a chosen range of 10 types of earrings which you’d love to adorn yourself with.

1. Ear cuff—Gold Plated Feather Shaped Ear cuff

Ear cuffs have been a trend for quite some time, and that totally makes it an essential in this list. This feather shaped cuff is not only pretty but also classy and stylish.

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2. Vintage Feather Boho Earrings—The Dream Catcher

The next thing we have for you are boho earrings. In the shape of a dream catcher, these have pretty feather danglers. These will perfectly suit your long skirt and crop top look.

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3. Hanging cuffs- Silver Plated Leaf Charm Hanging Cuffs

This is a two-in-one earring, having a leaf charm hanging along with a cuff. This stylish pick will go with any of your dresses.

4. Oxidised Afghani Two Layered Earrings

We all have had ritualistic ceremonies in our house or have attended some at a relative’s place and are certainly going to encounter occasions when we’ll want to go the traditional way. And these oxidised silver two layer earrings will certainly go with all your traditional outfits.

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5. Crystal Dangle Earrings

There are sometimes when you don’t want to wear all those heavy jewelry pieces but don’t even want to go out wearing none. It is for those times that we have for you these pretty little crystal earrings.

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6. Silver Jhumki Earrings

Jhumkis are something every girl would love to own and adorn herself with. And what can be better than having such intricately designed ones that too with mirror work.

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7. Tribal Dangle and Drop Earrings

Our next pick is a set of tribal earrings. These ones out here are brightly colored and have dangler bead attachments with them making them all the more pretty.

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8. Party Wear Crystal Earrings

In a mood to add a touch of royalty and classiness to your party avatar? Just wear these crystal earrings along with a beautiful gown and you’re good to go.

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9. Traditional Extension Earrings

These ones are for the times when you’d want to go fully traditional. With jhumki chain extensions these are perfect to go with any of your lehengas or sarees.

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10. Tassel Earrings

To complete your earring bucket list, we have these pretty tassel earrings for you. These have been loved by a number of girls which has made them a trend. And believe us, it’s here to stay.

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