11 Awe-inspiring Eyeliner Looks

An eye-liner to a girl is something which she can swear by, something which adds an oomph factor to her look. A product which gives adds boldness to her stature by accentuating her beautiful eyes. So, here we have for you eleven different eye-liner looks which awe-inspiringly perfect for every occasion. Now you won’t have to worry about deciding how you have to wear your eyeliner in a different way, every time.

Here’s your guide to bold and beautiful eyes.

1. The Graphic Arrow Liner Look

Add graphics to your eyes with this stunning graphic arrow liner look. All eyes will be on you when stepping out with this bold and sensual look.

2. The Official Look

Heading out to the office or for that matter for any official meeting, just keep it light with this official liner look.

3. The House-Party Look

Getting ready for a house party and confused how to go about your liner. Here’s a solution to your problem. Get that edgy look with the long wing and people won’t be able to forget you for a long time.

4. The Fish-Tail Liner Look

Experimenting with your looks is good. And, when it is such a beautiful one, then why not. Just try the fishtail liner look and we bet you’ll love it.

5. The Unstoppable Liner Look

Show them the unstoppable side of you with the all-around wing. Show them that if you work hard you can party harder and that you’re ready for it.

6. The Peacock Liner Look

Unleash your dramatic avatar with this colorful peacock liner look. Perfect for weddings and for all the times when you’ve got to rock the traditional look.

7. The Crease-it Liner Look

Give your eyes that cut-crease finish with an edge of an extra liner-crease and let your liner do the talking.

8. The Everyday Wing

So, when you’re a girl who cannot step out without putting your liner then here’s what you need, and that what is just the right pick for you. The everyday winged eye-liner look to help your eyes shine, and to let them look fabulous all day, every day. Because hey, who needs a reason to put on make-up!

9. The Extended Liner Look

Let your liner become an extension of the beauty of your eyes and let your eyes outshine others. This long line liner looks also known as the extension liner look is what’ll perfectly suit your seamless beauty while you keep it simple.

10. The Upside-Down Wing

For the times when you feel like things are going hazy, just let the tables turn and let things fall into place just like this upside-down wing look which will mould the situation to bring it in your favour, when you’re going on a date or feeling like setting that first impression on someone, this will be the perfect thing for you.

11. The Smokey Eye Trends

Now this what you call the perfect smokey eye. Just take your liner and make things smokin’ hot with this dramatic smokey-eye liner look.

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Photo Credit: Maybelline

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