Vipakka’s summer collections of Dupattas are so stunning that you can’t take your Eyes Off

Pattachitra art form, one of the oldest Indian art form that has a unique way of storytelling on fabric. Vipakka, the Bengaluru based Designer Label has been constantly working with finest artisans from the land of Jagannath, Odisha to revive the age-old art form by bringing it into mainstream fashion through their Apparel and Accessories collection.

The label has got the expertise to ink on Apparels as well as Accessories. The art usually takes several months depending on the design work and requires immense skill to create just one piece of Apparel.

Their latest Summer Dupatta collection is handcrafted using purest Cotton and Tassar fabric. The designs are Intricately hand painted and visually stunning, they narrate tales from Indian Mythology and highlight traditional art forms. Take a look at the stunning Summer Dupatta collections here.

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  1. Vipakka has unique design and style that is a great amalgamation of traditional and Morden Indian culture. The colour choices and selection of patterns put together makes it an excellent and easy match for various wardrobe styles.

    I love all the collections and would love to see more collections coming from Vipakka.

  2. An Impressive elegant collection based on the finenesse of the intricate Pattachitras. A perfect blend of tradition, grace and style.

  3. Fabulous collection…
    Amazing craftsmanship…
    You are doing a wonderful job, promoting the Patachitra art…

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