10 Ciate London Products That Are Going To Take Good Care of Your Nails

Nails go through tough turmoil and pressure because of being a part of our hard-working hands. While one individual’s nails can be strong enough to take the pressure, other’s might not be. So, it becomes our duty to take good care of them and to protect them along with helping them strengthen.

Ciate London is a world-renowned makeup and beauty brand. It is this name that brings you an amazing collection of Nail Care products. From strengthening to polishing, it has everything. So today we have got an amazing list of products for you from Ciate London’s Nail Care Range that’ll help you take good care of your nails.

1. Ciate Marula Cuticle Oil

If you have dry and peeling nails, then this is the product for you. The Marula Cuticle oil is enriched with soy protein to provide a significant improvement in nail texture, reducing ridging, peeling and improving overall appearance.

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2. Ciate Marula Healthy Nails Cuticle Oil

If your nails are healthy and you want them to grow even healthier by maintaining their healthy looking self, this is the product for you. The Marula Healthy Nails Cuticle Oil is formulated with D-Panthenol—penetrates the upper layer of the nail to boost moisture retention.

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3. Ciate Marula Sensitive Nails Cuticle Oil

If you have weak, thin and sensitive nails, then this is the product for you. Formulated with Biotin, it promotes the production of proteins that are absorbed into the nail core where cells are generated.

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4. Ciate Elixir Goddess Nail Serum

This Elixir Goddess Nail Serum will help you upgrade your nails to goddess status, using this daily nail serum with hydrating Pro-Vitamin B5 and conditioning Marula Oil for an on the go nail hero.

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5. Ciate Overnight Nail Mask

Brighten and revitalize dehydrated nails with the help of the Overnight Nail Mask by Ciate which is enriched with Marula Oil for pampering results. Now wake up to healthy-looking nails with Ciate’s Overnight Nail Mask.

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6. Ciate Underwear Base Coat

The luxurious base coat by Ciate has been specially designed to grip nail colour and create the perfect foundation in order to enhance your manicure.

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7. Ciate Fast Dry Top Coat

The Fast-Dry Top Coat by Ciate has been designed for giving your nails an unrivalled shine and super-quick dry finish. It will protect your nails, lock in your colour and create a silky soft long-wearing finish.

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8. Ciate Nail Gym Strengthener

Developed with advanced Oxygen Technology, this Nail Gym Strengthener will act like your personal trainer to help strengthen your nails with its intensive treatment. It also contains patented Hexanal for strong, toned and healthy-looking nails.

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9. Ciate Super Hero Nail Hardener

Made specifically for weak, bendy nails that peel off or break easily in order to promote nail growth, harden and strengthen them.

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10. Ciate Base Balance Nail Toner

Cleanse and purify nails in order to make them manicure ready with the help of the application of the Base Balance Nail Toner by Ciate before application of the base coat to ensure smooth nail paint/base coat application. It is a cleansing treatment for your nails.

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11. Ciate Bloom Boost Nail Illuminator

Illuminate and brighten nails with the hint of rose tint treatment which serves to brighten your natural nail color and whiten nail tips leaving nails revitalized and healthy-looking.

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These were the products by Ciate London that will become your nails’ best friends by giving them back their shine, strength, and length. We hope you like them.

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