10 Types of Bags & Clutches That Every Girl Should Have in Her Wardrobe

A bag most precious possession for a girl. It is what carries all her essentials that she requires on a day-to-day basis. While different types of essentials are needed to be carried for different occasions, the bags in which are they are carried also differ in various aspects. Another factor influencing the need for a variety of bags is that any girl wouldn’t want to carry the same bag everywhere she goes.

So, because of these factors, we have for you girls, 10 types of bags and clutches that’ll suit your everyday needs and serve for all occasion purposes.

1. Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag here is a two-way convertible bag to serve all your daily requirements. You can carry it to your workplace to keep all the essentials that you’ll need there.

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2. Sling Bag

For the times when you’ll not be willing to carry a lot of stuff with you but a few things like your make-up essentials and maybe a small bottle of water to keep you hydrated, this sling bag is what will be at your rescue.

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3. Embroidered Clutch Bag

These Rajasthani embroidered clutches have been in the trend for quite some time and they look amazing when carried with an indo-western outfit.

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4. Wallet

When you just need to carry your money and cards, wallets come to your rescue.

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5. Silk Envelope Clutch

This silk envelope clutch will perfectly go with any of your dresses and will fulfill all your necessary requirements for the times when you’re in a mood to party.

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6. Pencil Pouch

Normal pencil pouches are so old-fashioned. This one is not only new in style but is also such a cute one. You can keep all your titbits of stationary in this cute pencil case.

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7. Tote Bag

A tote bag is the perfect type of bag you’ll need for carrying your books and other stuff to college. And this one here has a cute panda who is ‘bamboozled’ somewhat like all students get after a hectic day at college.

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8. Silicon Zipper—Coin and Earphone Purse

So that your earphones are always untangled and all the coins are at a single place, this cute earphone cum coin purse will become your tool to organize so you always know which of your things were in your handbag.

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9. Card Holder

A cardholder is another thing you’d want to have to keep all your cards organized at one single place.

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10. Leather Backpack

For the times when you’re bored of taking your tote bag to college or just when you want to make a style statement, this leather bag pack is the thing that you need. With various compartments, it’ll suit all your needs, and its simple yet stylish look will make it all-the-more-trendy for you to take it to college.

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So, these were the types of bags and clutches we thought would suit all your needs and purposes. Hope you liked it.

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