10 Types of Heels that every Girl would want to Own

Heels, like Diamonds, are a girl’s best friends. They make others look up to you. While there are a variety of heels available in the market, there are some of them which every girl would want to own.

Here we bring to you such 10 types of heels which are so irresistibly beautiful.

1. Cone Heels

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As the name suggests, these are the heels in the shape of a cone, wider at the mouth, that is at the part attached to the sole and tapering towards the bottom. We have for you these beautiful pairs of heels which have a transparent front strap and a beautiful black leather design. These are perfect for formal office wear.

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2. Oxford Heels

Oxford Heels are heels with a broad base, but with the progression of time, there came a new variant of oxford heels such as these above in which the heel is still flat at the base but are higher than traditional oxfords.

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3. Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels are just as cute and small as kittens themselves as perfectly illustrated above in the given product. These are perfect for the people who want to wear heels but with putting their comfort as a priority.

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4. Pumps

Pumps are heels which give your height an instant pump-up. They have a height of about 2-3 inches and are usually wider than stilettos like these stylish golden party pumps which are oh-so-stunning!

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5. Block Heels

Block Heels are heels which are block shaped and give your stature as impactful an effect. These go perfectly along with pants or trousers. As these are more of formal heels black is the perfect colour one should have of block heels.

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6. Peep Toe Heels

Peep Toe Heels, the name actually doesn’t focus on the heel type but on the design of the footwear. Yes, it is when your toe-nails get a little peep out of the footwear that it becomes a peep-toe.

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7. Wedge HeelsWedge Heels, available in a variety of different sizes are designed in order to give you proper support to protect you from tripping. We have one such pair of classy wedge heels for you. These are a perfect choice for people who are just wanting to begin wearing heels and are trying to practice with something simple.

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8. Stilettos

Stilettos are the highest of all high heels. These are an instant boost to both, a woman’s height and her confidence. We have for you these amazing stilettos embellished with adornments on a grey base.

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9. Wrap Around

Wrap Around are basic gladiator sandals with stiletto pointed heels. These look amazing when teamed with short dresses. And so do these grey wrap around.

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10. Oxford Blocks

Yet another transformation of Oxfords are Oxford Blocks which are a combination of wide and short oxfords and impactful blocks. These make a statement of confidence and look great when paired with short skirts.

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These were the 10 types of heels we think every girl would love to own. Hope you liked them.

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