11 Bracelets that are Oh-so-Irresistibly Beautiful

Bracelets are pretty accessories that add a charm to your look. People who like to keep it simple and go the “less is more” way with their looks often choose to wear bracelets with their outfits. It is so because bracelets are the instant boost-ups for dull and simple outfits. They make you look simply amazing. So here we have for you 11 bracelets which are, as you read the title, “Oh-so-Irresistibly Beautiful”.

1. The Simplicity Redefined Bracelet

This bracelet is the simplest yet the most beautiful one you’ll see. It is designed as a line of crystals joined together with skin friendly (nickel and lead-free) alloy which makes it ideal for everyone, even the ones who are prone to skin allergies caused because of wearing jewels. This is perfect for regular college or office wear.

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2. The Bangles Cuff Bracelet

This is one bracelet which is a compilation of bangles into a single cuff. So, the next time you wear a traditional outfit, you won’t have to waste your time looking for your bangles scattered here and there. Instead, you’ll just have to wear this cuff and you’re done. Its size adjustability makes it suitable for everyone.

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3. The Charms Bracelet

Charms are so cute. And when they are compiled in the form of a bracelet, they are all the more pretty. This charms bracelet is just that.

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4. Rose Gold Plated Crystal Bracelet

This is a stunning party wear bracelet made with crystal and rose gold loops. It is entirely plated in 18k rose gold and is totally skin friendly.

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5. Waves of Wonder Silver Crystal Bracelet

This is the ideal gifting option as it is suitable for everyone and is designed beautifully in the shape of waves and water droplets shining on the seashore in the form of crystals.

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6. Copper Charm Bracelet

A line of crystals is just a perfect adornment for the beauty who wears it. Along with an adjustable heart loop, it takes away your worries of size issues.

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7. Golden Bangle Cuff

This cuff is intricately designed in the pattern of leaves and flowers in a beautiful golden colour and is perfect for combining with traditional wear.

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8. Compilation Charms Bracelet

This bracelet is a compilation of multiple bracelet pieces and is quite in the trend these days. It is a multipurpose wear bracelet and can be teamed with different types of outfits.

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9. Leaf Chain Ring Bracelet

Ring Bracelets are an age-old trend, it’s just the transformation of their types from traditional to contemporary designs. And this transformation has turned out to be so beautiful an example of which is this Leaf Chain Ring Bracelet.

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10. Little Hearts

No, we aren’t talking about biscuits. But don’t worry we have for you something as nice and worth it. Yes, it’s this bracelet that we’re talking about. A simple and elegant piece to add to your jewellery treasure.

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11. Floral Bliss

How can one miss out on flowers in any jewellery piece? And that is so much of a rhetorical question. So, we have this pretty floral bracelet for you to complete your bracelet collection.

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These were a few bracelets we thought would be loved by every girl. Hope you liked them.

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