11 Lip Art Makeup Looks That Are Ethereally Beautiful

Your lips don’t need that just lipstick look when they can look all the more beautiful with the help of incredible Lip Art Makeup Designs. Today we have got for you 11 lip art designs that are ethereally beautiful and jaw-droppingly perfect.

1. The Unicorn in Me

Unicorns have been believed to be mysteriously magical creatures and this lip art makes it all the more enigmatic. This ethereal creature, designed with such perfection and the starlit black background, gives this lip makeup an irresistible piece of art.

2. Lightening Thunder

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The way in which thunder and lightning are made to be depicted in this lip art makes it look so realistic creative. The fine use of colours and the intricate stormy detail fill in with hues of black, purple and blue are a work of imaginative beauty. All of this combines to give this design a jaw-dropping look.

3. Titanic

The starlit night, the beautiful sky, the reflection of it all in the deep ocean and then the sinking ship, all these details, combine to remind us of the Titanic. The recreation of it has been done through this lip art with such perfection that even the most intricate details have been kept in mind. All of this with the play of deeply intense colours makes it a work of unforgetful beauty.

4. Go Retro

Let’s go the new retro way with the play of colours as in 70s and 80s. This retro print takes us back to the times of unconstrained beauty and imagination.

5. Matte Metallic Shimmer

Nothing makes it bolder and beautiful than the play of shimmer and metallic golden with intense matte brown. This utterly bold and beautiful lip art makes a jaw-dropping impression with its fine creative impression.

6. Minnie Mouse

Never can a lip art cuter than this might have been spotted. Mickey’s partner Minnie Mouse is back from the childhood to the lip art zone. This cute Minnie Mouse design is a beautiful design in shades of pink, white and shimmery black.

7. Rainbow Shimmer

Rainbows make the world seem beautiful. And they have the same effect in case of this Rainbow lip art. What’s more interesting is its shimmer add-on making it irresistibly bold and magical.

8. Marble

Marble designs have been tried and tested so much in the case of nail art. Now lip art has it in store, and its totally worth it if it looks so luscious.

9. Holographic Art

Holographic Art has been so much in trend these days that now it has taken the shape of lip art, and when it looks so electrically sassy, it’s totally worth it.

10. Watermelons

Red Lipstick is an essential in every girl’s wardrobe, and when she gets the chance to transform it into deliciously bold watermelon lip art, what can be better!

11. Roses

Roses are something every girl loves. How about adding this to her lipstick love with a bold purple backdrop. This lip art is an enigmatic piece of beauty and boldness combined together.

These were the most incredibly amazing lip art makeup looks you might have ever seen. Hope you liked the list.

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