If Punctuality is your thing, then these Watches are for You!

Yes, you read that right. We’ve got some amazing watches for the one who is always punctual. Even though punctuality is a common thing between time-keepers, every girl would have a different choice of the type of watch she’d like to wear. It is for that reason that we have for you some of the most amazing watches we thought you’d like to own.

So here they go:

1. The Metallic Strap Watch

This one’s a meta-watch. That is, this watch is the one having another watch inside of it. The outer one for the hours and the minutes and the little inner one for the seconds. Its metallic strap is what you might love, because it makes it all the more classy.

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2. The Titan Raga Watch

For this watch, the name’s enough to make one want to buy it. This piece with its intricately designed strap is from the titan raga collection. And the mix of silver and gold makes it all occasion friendly.

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3. The Fabric Strap Watch

We are here to take care of everything you like. And for the ones who like fabric strap watches, we have this classy piece.

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4. The Chain Strap Watch

This watch from Fastrack is here to help you keep a track of your time. If you are the chain strap lover, you’re certainly going to like this one.

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5. The Rose Gold Watch

This Rose Gold Michael Kors watch studded with these small diamond embellishments is sure to make a style statement for you, wherever and whenever you’re going to wear it.

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6. The Simple White Watch

The one who loves to wear simple watches doesn’t need to worry, because we’ve got something for you too. This analog watch by Sonata has a pretty pink dial and white leather band.

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7. The Big Dial Watch

The combination of Big Dials with thin straps is so much in fashion these days. And when it comes out to be so stylish and classy, who wouldn’t want to own it?

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8. The Small Dial Watch

If you’re someone who doesn’t like much of the hassle while choosing a watch and always want to keep it simple with that small regular dial. And yet you get bored wearing the similar kind of small dial watches because you don’t get a lot of variety with the kind of watch you like. Don’t worry we’ve got a watch which perfectly fit your taste and you’ll really like how stylish it is. This Fastrack watch is just the way you like.

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9. The All Black Watch

This isn’t just a watch, but a style statement too. Its crystal glass and leather strap add up to make it look classier.

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10. The Smart Watch

As it is said, “You should end it with a bang”, we have you for the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker which is not just a watch but is an auto sleep tracking device; a call, text and calendar alert reminder; a clock, an accessory band, and a fitness tracker, all in a single device. If you’re a fitness freak, this is which we hope you’d like to be your next watch.

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So, these were the ten types of watches which would suit the needs of every girl. Tell us which one’s your pick.

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