List of 11 Rings from Simple to Magnanimously Stylish

Rings are pretty little creatures which add magnificence to your beauty. While there are some people who like to wear simple rings, others like it to be as magnanimously stylish as possible. So, to suit all of your needs we have got you 11 rings on the range of simple to extravagantly stylish. Here they go:

1. Austrian Crystal Band

Studded with Austrian Crystals, this band is a perfect definition of simplicity. For the ones who love simplicity, this ring is the thing.

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2. Stardust Rose Gold Stainless Steel Ring

As shiny as the stars, this stardust ring is another simple and pretty ring in the shape of a band.

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3. Infinity Band

With the promise of being together for infinity and beyond gift this ring to the girl you love. The simplicity and power of the unsaid that this ring spreads will take your relationship beyond infinity for certain.

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4. American Diamond Gold Plated Ring

This ring is the perfect cumulation of two rings intersecting each other. It looks so heavenly and promising. It radiates an aura of strength and beauty just like you do.

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5. The Leaf Vine Swarovski Elements Ring

This ring is a trendy piece in the shape of a Leaf Vine studded with Swarovski elements. It is an adjustable ring. So, now all your worries about size issues are gone.

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6. The “I can Feel your Heartbeat” Ring

This ring has an ECG machine’s Heartbeat pattern along with small little hearts, in the shape of a band. This is luminous, glow in dark ring. So, whenever it shines you’ll remember the one you love.

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7. Bohemian 6 Ring Set

Now that there have been a lot of crystals and diamonds, we have something Bohemian for you. This over here is a set of 6 Bohemian finger rings which you can wear to college to add a style and funkiness to your everyday avatar.

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8. Ring with Carved Design Mirror

Silver Oxidised Jewellery has another kind of charm attached to it. This ring is not just a piece of oxidised silver jewellery but also a statement piece. So, when you wear it, all eyes will be on you. It has been intricately designed and has a mirror piece attached to it to give it a nice finish. To top it all, we must tell you that it is an adjustable ring so you don’t need to worry about size adjustment issues.

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9. Micro Pave Setting Crystal Designer Silver Ring

If there was a perfect proposal ring, it would be this. Yes, this crystal studded ring is like one of those fairy-tale things girls think about to be a part of their future. And so, it would be a very precious gift for any girl.

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10. The Royal Crown Ring

A lady might not need a crown to look like a Queen, because she already knows she is one. But she definitely won’t mind having a ring in the shape of crown. After all, every lady loves rings.

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11. Silver Golden American Diamond Ring Bracelet

This ring is quite like a bracelet because of its two-ring form attachment. It is so beautiful, stylish and meticulously designed that it looks as delicate as a flowering vine in whose shape it has been designed.

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So, these were the 11 rings ranging from the simplest to the most stylish we thought you’d like. Do tell us about your favourite pick from the list.

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