15 Most Stylish Blouse Designs Idea By Anita Hassanandani

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, which needed her to play Shagun who became the Style Queen of Television with her trendy blouse patterns and designs, and the elegance she wore saree along with it. It is for this reason that we got none other than Anita Hassanandani in our mind when the topic of the Trendiest Blouse Patterns and Designs came to be it. So, here we have for you 10 of the most stylish Blouse Designs from the stylish star Anita Hassanandani wardrobe that’ll make your jaw drop.

1. The One side Tick

This one is a diagonal sleeve blouse modified to have another sleeve strip attachment which gives the strip patterns, the shape of a tick. It is one of the classiest pieces we ever saw.

2. The Balloon Sleeves

You all might have heard about balloon tops. But hey, how about balloon sleeves as an attachment to your blouse? This simple saree got a level up just because of the balloon sleeved blouse piece adorned by none other than the Style Queen, Anita Hassanandani, herself.

3. The Net Trap

What an exotic design does that white net trap make! Doesn’t it? This is a beautiful design that’ll look amazing on blouse pieces teamed with net sarees like the one here, giving you the privilege to show off all the beauty of its design.

4. The Unattached Collar

Well, you might have worn collar design blouses. You also might have worn cold shoulder ones. But, how about a combination of both? Yup, now we’re talking. This is just the piece you need to add the perfect charm and class to any of your plain and simple sarees.

5. All Striped Up

What a beauty she is! And so is her blouse with that beautiful patterns of stripes all coming together at the neckline. It is definitely one of the most pretty pieces of this list.

6. Cold Shoulder Redefined

This one’s one of the most differently stylish pieces with one side if the hidden sleeve as a cut sleeve piece and the other side as a flurry cold shoulder design both held together with the collar like neckline.

7. The Diva

Yes, this is what truly defines her to be the diva that she is. This Diagonal Sleeved Blouse is an outstandingly stylish piece that would help you make a style statement at any of the major events you wear it to.

8. Shimmer all Over

While these unusually beautiful pieces cannot be named because of the amazingly different styles they are definitely worth trying to add to your wardrobe.

9. The Collar

This is a backless piece with the front attached through a beautiful stripe-woven design to a collar, making it an edgy one.

10. The Criss Cross Trick

Last but not the least, this is a criss-cross sleeve strap design which will make even the simplest of sarees look beautiful beyond measure.

Anita Hassanandani in saree

Anita Hassanandani in saree

Anita Hassanandani in saree

Anita Hassanandani in saree

Anita Hassanandani in saree

We hope you liked the list.

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