7 Cool and Cute Text Tees For Your Little Baby Boy

Nowadays, there is a trend where you can see the little ones roaming around in customized t-shirts with cute and cool text slogans on them. Want to dress your child just like that? Then you’re in the right place. Today we have 7 cool and cute text tees for your little ones from FirstCry, your one-stop destination for all your child’s needs.

1. Fox Baby Half Sleeves T-shirt Text and Mickey Mouse Print

This Disney T-shirt that reads “My Opinion Matters” is going to be one of your child’s favorite pieces from his wardrobe, because it just states what is true. Yes, that’s right. When we are kids, we are so carefree as we get so much love from our family and our opinion is a really big thing. So, this one’s not just going to state your baby’s important for all of you to him but is also going to make him look super cute.

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2. Baby hug Half Sleeves Tee Text Print – Grey Blue

Babies are undeniably the cutest creatures ever. Aren’t they. And “It’s Hard Work Being This Cute.” Isn’t it? Oh, oh, we are not saying this, it’s just the t-shirt which is expressing your child’s favoritism for himself and isn’t that just so cute.

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3. Baby hug Half Sleeves T-shirt Handsome Dude Graphic Print – Navy Blue

Nowadays, children don’t like being called just cute. Instead, they love it when you give them a compliment like calling them a “Handsome Dude” or a “Pretty Lady”. This “Handsome Dude” T-shirt is just one such piece, which your boy is going to love for sure.

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4. Baby hug Half Sleeves T-shirt Super Hero Graphic Print – Red

For every boy, his father is his hero or we might also say, “superhero”. Mothers, buy your baby boy this “Dad is My Super Hero” T-shirt for this Father’s Day, and mark it that it would be the best gift a child could ever give his father.

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5. Baby hug Half Sleeves T-shirt Lazy Days Graphic Print – Blue

Childhood is so awesome and relaxing. All one has to do in this phase of their life is to eat, play, sleep and repeat. These are the days what one can call the “Lazy Days” of life or the ones which are cherished for a lifetime. Let your child flaunt the golden period of his life chilling in this Lazy Days T-shirt.

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6. Baby hug Half Sleeves T-shirt Text Print – Yellow

Every individual is different and amazing in their own sense of being. And so can you call your child to be “One of a Kind”. Embrace this gift of God and let this t-shirt help your child love his individuality and uniqueness.

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7. Memory Life Mom’s Fan Printed Tee—Peach

Now when Daddy can be your Super Hero, Mom is your Angel too. And children are definitely the biggest fans of their parents. So, dear fathers if your child is a big fan of their mother, make them wear this t-shirt and see how blessed their mother would feel to see their little one in this cute t-shirt.

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So cute were all these. Weren’t they? Buy them and make your little ones wear them to see how they go on to look even cuter.

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