Tifli Banaras: The Store Which Is Going To Be Your Next Banarasi Saree Guide

Tifli Banaras is the online store which is there to complete all your banarasi saree needs. Here you’ll find a hoard of sarees with amazing Banarasi prints, patterns, and embroideries, suitable for an all occasion wear whether that be a party, a casual day or a wedding. So, here we have the best picks from this store to help you get going if you haven’t already tried the worthiness.

1. Midnight Soiree

The Midnight Soiree is the name of this saree because it is a perfect accompaniment to a soiree under the stars. This captivating saree has been handcrafted to perfection with delicate zari vines and multi-hued flowers blooming with abandon.

2. Paisleys to go with

This red banarasi saree is a perfect wedding pick because of the richness of its colour and embroidery work in golden silk. The fine embroidery of paisley patterns enveloped in alternate checks surrounded by an intricately designed border with a pink lace is so close to perfection. You’d love owning this.

3. Checkmate

Like in the game of chess this saree will work as a checkmate move for you with its classy check chessboard print design and golden black silk border. It works as an amazing formal wear outfit.

4. Floral Fun

The basic floral prints on an eternally beautiful red base cloth material makes this saree an over the edge piece. Its golden silk border and an intricate detailed lining just before it gives it a masterpiece look. Trust us, it will be a gem in your wardrobe.

5. The Vibrant Patola Saree

Patola sarees are so elegant. And when they come in such bright and vibrant colourful prints, its just as amazing. Make it your pick and adorn the elegance.

6. Katan Silk Patola

In the pure fabric of Katan Silk, this handloom Banarasi Patola saree is a classic dedicated to the rich weaving work of Patan, Gujarat. It is here to bring a festive grace when you wear it.

7. Elegance Redefined

Beauty does lie in simplicity. And so does it in this saree. An off-white saree on a cotton base is just the thing you would want to complete your saree wardrobe. This saree is one of the simplest yet most pure and precious gem you’ll find in this collection.

8. Zari Detailing Banarasi Handloom Saree

In the designs of beautiful resham flowers with zari detailing, this one is a saree which is earthy, rustic and pleasing to all the senses. Its naturally textured Tussar Silk and subtle colours combine to make it a piece worth trying.

9. Kashi Vibes Saree

This one might not be from Kashi, but is sure to transport you there by the way it will give the vibes of the purity and blissfulness of the city with its beautiful structural prints on it.

10. The Tussar Silk Roopa Sona Zari Saree

This is an entirely unforgettable Banarasi classic. A saree which has a unique and zesty striped weave in Tussar Silk and a rich dash of Roopa Sona Zari. It is here to give you that perfect contemporary look. It’ll just be worth it.

Hope you liked these sarees and would love adding them to your wardrobe! Thanks for reading.

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Brand: Tilfi Banaras

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