Top 10 Products From Colorbar’s Skin-Care Range To Give Your Skin The Nourishment It Deserves!

Skin-care is one of the most important beauty and personal care regimes. Colorbar, one of the most renowned beauty and skin-care brands brings forth its Deep Hydrating Skin-Care Range to give your skin the nourishment it deserves.

We here bring you a list of the top 10 products from this Skin-care range by Colorbar.

1. Colorbar Hydra White Under Eye Serum

This under eye serum is an efficacious product that infuses brightness into your eye contour. Suitable for all skin types, its light and comfortable texture melts deeply into the skin providing instant and long-lasting hydration.

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2. Colorbar Hydra White Day Creme

Day Crème is an important skin-care essential. For this reason, we have for you the Colorbar Hydra White Day Crème which clears out uneven skin tone and refines skin texture. It is your key to ultimate flawless radiance.

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3. Colorbar Fruit Drop Hand Cream

Infused with 79 percent natural ingredients, the Colorbar Fruit Drop Hand Cream is an extremely nourishing product that works to strengthen and repair your skin and give your hands the hydration they need.

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4. Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion

The Spotlight Illuminating Lotion by Colorbar is here to illuminate your skin’s radiance while you apply it on just cleansed, toned and treated skin for a fabulous glow or mix with your favourite foundation for an increased glow.

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5. Colorbar Hydra White Day Lotion

The Hydra White Day Lotion by Colorbar works to give your skin a redefined even texture and illuminates your skin tone by minimising existing dark spots. Overall it works to brighten, lighten and protect your skin.

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6. Colorbar Hydra White Intense Whitening Night Cream

This advanced whitening night treatment crème has the ultimate power to restore your skin’s nourishment and hydration during the night. It boosts micro-circulation while actively targeting dark circles and pigmentation. The intense yet supple texture quickly absorbs deeply into the skin to provide deep hydration and care.

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7. Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion

This Moisturising lotion is an everyday post-bathing and pre-sleeping skin-care essential which will provide deep moisturisation to your skin and will also work to make it visibly better.

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8. Colorbar Fresh Start Water Cleanser

This product is, as its name suggests, a product which will give your skin a fresh start with its water base. It serves to cleanse your skin deeply to make it ready for make up application. So, this is how it works as a pre-makeup application essential.

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9. Colorbar Hydra White Foam Cleanser

A foam based cleanser to help you make your skin ready for makeup application. Just close your eyes and spray directly on bare skin, then wipe it clean with the help of a cotton pad. It can also be used as a makeup cleanser, for which you’ll need to apply it for the removal of makeup just as you do otherwise.

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10. Colorbar Hydra White Intense Whitening Hydrating Toner

This product is a revolutionary whitening skin care solution. It contains a synergistic four-dimensional system that works hard to visibly clear out uneven skin tone. It is a unique whitening toner that empowers skin with instant freshness and incredible comfort.

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So, these were the top 10 skin-care products from Colorbar’s Skin Care Range which will help your skin glow with natural radiance. Hope you liked it.

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