Ruffle Saree Style is the Hottest Trend of this Season

Sarees have always been a favorite outfit for many of us and how could we not love the six yards of pure grace? The simplicity of sarees is what makes them such a memorable piece of cloth! There are countless designs of this graceful garment and new styles to drape keep coming all the time! In this post, we are going to talk about a special type of saree style- the Ruffle saree!

Ruffle sarees are a fun twist over the regular draped saree. Each fold of this saree creates a wavy effect. This makes the saree look really dreamy and makes you look like a divine angel straight from heaven! Many celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Sonam Kapoor, and Divya Khosla have been spotted styling s beautiful ruffle saree a couple of times.

So if you are aiming for a delicate and elegant for your next outing then you should sit back and get ready to check out some beautiful ruffle sarees that we have picked for you!

Ruffle Saree
A saree with a tiny layer of ruffle at the pallu and border makes your saree more trendy and stylish. It gives unique look as well as gives a kick with a modern twist to your saree style. A ruffle saree is perfect wear for a cocktail or party with minimum accessories. The ruffle saree looks gorgeous in almost all colors.

Celebrity in Ruffle Saree

Sonakshi Sinha is known to style beautiful sarees as per occasions and in the image below you can see why is that the case! Sinha was spotted styling a lovely white ruffled saree along with a bright red blouse! To complete her outfit, the actress wore long and authentic white earrings!

Ruffle Saree

The magic of yellow with Deepika!

The ‘Piku’ actress loves to style unique and glamourous outfits and we are here for it! In the image below, Deepika styles a loose long-sleeved bow blouse along with the ruffled pallu! You can style this kind of saree for any traditional or informal event!

Deepika Padukone in saree

A perfect saree for your formal events!

If you are looking for a saree to style at a formal event then make sure that you look at the image below! It is important to go for a charming yet elegant look! Your main goal is to tone down the spark of your outfit up to a sophisticated look as a tacky outfit will only ruin your impression.

The next saree looks charming with its little white ruffles which go quite well with the yellow cloth!

Ruffle Saree

Be the epitome of grace with the power of peach!

Peach is really a delicate color that is suitable for nearly any occasion be it formal or informal. The shimmery blouse is toned perfectly with the right shade of the peach saree! So go ahead and turn heads wherever you go!

Ruffle Saree

The perfect blend of modern and traditional!

The next saree is made for people who like to go for something quirky and unique! To spice things up you can add a modern touch to your blue jeans. And complete the outfit with a ruffled saree! You can try this concept with any colored saree. We are sure that you will be the one with the most unique look wherever you go!

Ruffle Saree

Look angelic with Hina!

We are sure that you are going to fall in love with this angelic look of Hina Khan! The actress styles a sheer white saree with delicate designs. The borders of the pallu have graceful ruffles in them. And she completes her outfit with shiny diamond and emerald earrings and a sophisticated updo!

Ruffle Saree - Hina Khan
Pretty in Pink with Shilpa!

The next saree is made for pink lovers! Pink is one of the most popular colors when it comes to saree. And in the image below you can see why people have this deep love for pink!

The floral patterns on the pallu of the saree add a real delicate touch to your already pretty saree!

The black beauty in ruffles!

Black can make any outfit ten times better and we are sure that you know this! The next image shows a sheer powerful and stunning black saree!

This is a great choice for an evening event of any kind, both formal and informal! Be sure that you go with a no accessories look to add attention just to your saree!

Oh for the love of pastels!

Pastel outfits have been a recent trend. It is one of the most popular choices among people when it comes to choosing any outfit! Pastel colors add grace and elegance to any regular outfit!

Kriti Sanon and her love for ruffles!

Ruffle Saree Style

Sonam looks divine in her white ruffles!

A little something for your outings!

Recently designer Arpita Mehta has launched a stylish sexy tiered ruffle sari with thread and mirror embroidery with an embroidered blouse that will surely steal your heart.

Ravishing red for a red carpet-worthy look!

This next image is for you if you are looking for a bold and attention-stealing look! The intricate detailing on the blouse is the biggest highlight of the saree. And you get the bonus of an equally stunning ruffled pallu!

So, if you are planning to go to a party then this outfit would be the perfect choice for you!

Look stunning with the pastel green saree!

A little something for your evenings!

Rock the golden and white combo!

The next saree is for you if you are going for a sophisticated and classy look! The golden and white combination is one of the most elegant combinations! So, this makes it a perfect choice for formal evening affairs!

Floral blouse for any event!

The best thing about floral blouses is that they are suitable for any event! The beautiful designs on the floral blouse give you a feminine and lovely appearance! And at the same time, floral designs are always trending!

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