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Talking Threads : Clearance Sale Up to 50% Off On Sarees, Suits and Many more

On SALE 400 Sarees, Suits, Dupattas, Kurtas, Jackets, Gowns, Kaftans and more covetable collections in Talking Threads. Pick Your Selection Before Its Gone
Annual Summer Clearance Sale
Valid Till: 12 July 2018 to 15 July 2018

About Talking Threads: 

Talking Threads is a luxury clothing label offering customers the ability to collaborate and customise fashion to suit their personal preferences. Customers can get made-to-measure clothing with added style, fabric and colour customisation. Talking Threads designs are inspired by heritage thread arts and style aesthetics lean towards classic timeless fashion.


Blouses, Sarees, Dupattas/Stoles, Kurtas/Kurtis, Dresses/Tunics, Tops, Bottoms

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