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Argan Oil Benefits – The Key to Strengthen Hair and Glowing Skin

Many of you might have heard about castor oil, aloe vera gels or olive oil is effective in the sense of hair and skin care. But did you know that there is a wonder ingredient named Argan Oil, which can beat these with its rich and exotic qualities? If not, then you’re on the right webpage, because today We are going to list the major benefits of argan oil that will help you gain insight into this amazing ingredient when skin and hair care are concerned.

Argan Oil Benefits on Hair
‘Liquid Oil’, as is the name that this exotic Moroccan ingredient extracted from the Argan Tree has acquired, will seem to be just right to you when you gain knowledge about the benefits of it. And before we start to list its major benefits, we would like to list the basics about the same for you in the form of a few questions that we would answer. So, let’s get going!

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil Benefits on Hair

Morocco is the place which can be termed as the birthplace of this amazing ingredient. The Argan Tree found in Morocco has kernels from which argan oil is extracted through processing it in factories at multiple levels. It has a whole lot of nutrients inclusive of Vitamin E and fatty acids that prove to be the reason behind it being called ‘Liquid Gold’, thus, contributing to being a great emollient, conditioner, softener, and moisturizer for hair and skin. This amazing oil also has healing properties and has thus been used for centuries. It serves to benefit greatly when applied in the right way.

How is Argan Oil Beneficial to the Skin and Hair?

15 Reasons how Argan Oil will help benefit your Skin and Hair

1. It is a great Emollient and Moisturiser

The most common feature because of which people use Argan Oil is its moisturizing property. Inclusive of Vitamin E and Fatty Acids it helps moisturize the skin, and at the same time acts as an emollient, that is, it serves to soften and smoothen the skin in the most efficient manner. Another thing which people die to find in moisturizers is a non-greasy effect on the skin after application, but most moisturizers fail to do so. But Argan oil is a natural moisturizer for the skin also acts as a non-greasy one thus, leaving your skin irritation-free.

2. It has Anti-Aging properties

Argan Oil Benefits For Skin

Who said that the benefits of Argan oil were limited to just moisturization? In fact, it serves to make your skin even happier with its Anti-Aging properties. Argan oil, when used regularly, gives your skin a natural glow and reduces the effect of your wrinkles making you look all the more youthful. It has anti-oxidants which make it an even better anti-aging agent. It restores elasticity to your skin making it feel naturally plumper and soft. Now, if you’re thinking about how to bring this gift of nature to the right use, then all you need to do is take a few drops of it in your palms and apply it all over your face and neck area right before you head to sleep.

3. Help get rid of Dry Skin

Eczema and such other dry skin condition which make the skin feel raw and flaky can cause a great amount of damage to the skin. Argan Oil has been rightly termed as Liquid Gold as it works just as so for the people suffering from such adverse skin conditions. This magical gift of nature has in it a whole lot of nutrients like Vitamin E and fatty acids that help the skin heal from such dryness as well as prevents further damage and irritation. It contains ingredients which help soothe the skin. To help your skin heal by using Argan oil, all you need to do is take a few drops of the oil and apply it directly to the affected areas by massaging it gently. This will provide relief and will help prevent further damage.

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4. Helps in the reduction of Acne

Now, many of you might be thinking that this is all a hoax that we’re mentioning about here because generally, acne is a result of oily skin and we are telling you that an oil itself will help you get rid of this acne. But think about it, do people term this product as Liquid Gold without any sign of it being one? No. And that is because while many other oils, as well as moisturizers, would enhance the problem of acne, Argan oil helps subdue it. The reason is simple. As we had earlier mentioned that Argan Oil is a non-greasy moisturizing agent, it doesn’t increase the problem of acne. And the reason why it helps subjugate the effect of acne is that it has anti-oxidant properties which help heal damaged skin cells as well as reduce inflammation.

5. It Protects as well as Heals your Skin

The fact that Argan oil has a great number of anti-oxidants not only help to moisturize or protect your skin but also helps in enhancing and hastening up the process of healing. While it can help get rid of sore and dry skin as well as inflammation, it can also contribute to soothing pain and hasten the rate of healing.

6. Helps you wave a Goodbye to Stretchmarks

While pregnancy brings happiness, it also brings in stretch marks. But now that you know about Argan Oil, you won’t need to worry about that. Application of Argan Oil to stretch mark affected areas, like rubbing a few drops of it onto the stomach, breasts, under the thighs and the bottom during pregnancy will reduce the chances of stretch marks being developed in these areas. Another effective use of it is that it helps brings back the elasticity of sagging and puckered skin because of its Vitamin E content, thus making you look and feel radiant and helping you feel only the happy side of pregnancy.

7. It’s a Lip Moisturiser too!

Winters bring with them a natural effect of sore, dry and cracked lips. To help get rid of this, all you have to do is to take one or two drops of argan oil and gently rub it on your lips (make sure you wipe off all the excess). This way, you’ll get back your smooth, plump and soft lips without having to use any artificial lip balms that can worsen the problem because of chemical contents.

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8. Foot, Nail and Hand Treatment

Argan Oil Benefits For Skin

What comes to your mind in the first instance when you hear about Foot, Hand and Nail treatment? Manicures and pedicures or something such as a fancy parlor treatment. Doesn’t it? But after you read this, your perspective around this whole thing will change for sure. This can be said because to treat your Hands, Nails, and Feet, you might surely be needing those parlor treatments, but who can afford that on a daily basis! So, we have got Argan oil to your rescue. Argan oil helps moisturize your already soft hands, helps you get rid of those cracked feet making them soft and smooth as well as treats your nails to become thick, hard and strong, so they don’t crack easily. And for this to work, all you need to do is massage a few drops of this oil into your hands, feet, and cuticles right before you go to bed.

9. Boosts Hair Growth

Vitamin E is a great hair growth enhancing nutrient. And that is what is essentially present in Argan oil in a good quantity. Another thing that is present in it is anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help promote healthy growth of hair by allowing cell repair and growth to hasten up. The presence of these substances in abundance in Argan Oil is what makes it suitable for helping boost hair growth.

10. Initiates Hair Regrowth

Argan oil is a boon for the people who have suffered a great amount of hair loss as the presence of Vitamin E and Anti-oxidants in this natural gift not only boost hair growth but also initiate hair regrowth by allowing cell growth and repair to hasten up. So, if you’ve suffered a good amount of hair loss, you know what to use to get that right!

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11. Acts as a Hair Conditioner and Moisturiser

Argan oil not only helps moisturize your skin but also your hair because of being loaded with nutrients. So, using it to oil your hair twice every week will help your hair become soft and smooth in the long run. But the question is that, how is this moisture supposed to be retained as most shampoos have a damaging effect on the hair which comes to be seen eventually when it has been in use for a long time by you. This is because of the high chemical contents of these shampoos. But now many shampoo brands have started including argan oil as an ingredient in their shampoo base because of its innumerable benefits. And thus, here is your problem of retaining that moisture in your hair, solved. So, the next time you buy a shampoo look whether it has argan oil in its contents or not, and try to buy one that does.

12. It’s a great Hair Styling Agent

You might be having a separate bottle of hair oil and another one for the hair serum on your dressing. You do, right? After reading this, it’ll probably turn into one. That can be said because Argan oil is not just an oiling agent but also acts as a styling agent. It helps condition your hair by acting as a leave-in conditioner and is a key to get rid of those dry, frizzy and brittle hair as well as it can help you get rid of split ends. But then you might be needing hair serums to use it before styling your hair. Relax, because now argan oil will do it all for you. It will not only help fight the damage styling has caused to your hair, but will also act as a great serum before you plan to style them again. This is because it will ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer damage while you are straightening or curling them by using hair styling appliances. Thus, you have another problem solved!

13. Help get rid of Dry and Brittle Hair

Argan Oil Benefits on Hair

Dry and brittle hair is a huge mess as you cannot let your hair be that messy to look presentable. And while other oils might seem to be greasy and messy, Argan oil is what you will have to your rescue. You can massage a few drops of warmed argan oil into your hair and scalp and leave it on overnight to let the nutrients be absorbed into the hair and skin and to let the warmth treat the brittleness of your hair. To help this action lock into your hair, you’ll need to cover your hair with a shower cap after application of the oil into your hair. Next morning all you need to do is wash your hair as you would normally do to let go of all the oil that is left as a residue in your hair and then rinse them again with water. You can use this treatment once every week to gain freedom from dry and brittle hair.

14. Help get rid of Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is a problem many people suffer from. And to treat this problem, there are many shampoos available in the market today, but do you have any idea what these do to your hair in the long run? While these might seem efficient during the first few months of usage, they eventually result in flaky, crackly and even drier scalp than it earlier used to be. All this happens because of the high chemical contents of these shampoos which aggravate the problem even further.

To help treat this you need something free of harmful chemicals, something that is a natural agent to treat the problem. Here is where Argan oil comes in. As we had mentioned earlier, Argan oil is not only a non-greasy oil, but it also has a whole lot of nutrients like Vitamin E. It is because of this that this oil helps treat dry scalp by moisturising the scalp as well as it helps you avoid the irritation of oil application as it is a non-greasy product.

15. Eliminates Dandruff

Now that we have already mentioned about dry scalp, we’d like you to know that Dandruff is a problem, an issue rising from Dry Scalp. And dry scalp being its root cause, dandruff cannot be treated until dry scalp is. Thus, by treating one issue, the other will itself be treated. The way to do this is that you need start by taking a few drops (5-6 drops) of warmed Argan oil onto your palms and then rub them through your hair and scalp by massaging it evenly through the layers of your hair. After this, leave it on for a few hours or rather let it act as an overnight treatment to get the best results. This way you can use it like a normal oil but an all the more beneficial and mess-free one almost twice a week to eliminate dandruff as well as to treat the problem of dry scalp.

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Having known the benefits of Argan oil for your hair and skin as well as the ways in which you can use them, we hope that you try this elixir named Liquid Gold because it really is. We hope that we were able to solve many of your hair and skin care problems through this post and that you liked it!

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