9 Different Ways To Style a Blanket Scarf

Who said winter is boring and dull because you’re covered with jackets and sweaters mostly?
Well, we beg to differ! There’s so much more you can try out with your look. This winter ditch those ponchos and shawls, grab a blanket scarf instead.

Tired of your mundane scarves? How about blanket scarves? This winter if you’re looking for something cozy and something that’s gonna keep you warm, a blanket scarf is an answer!

Blanket scarf, as the name suggests, are quite longer than the usual scarf.

Pairing up your boring outfit with a blanket scarf can instantly oomph up your look and make it a not-so-boring outfit. You’ll be astonished to see how this single simple piece of cloth miraculously changes your whole appearance. In case you already own blanket scarves but are running out of ideas to carry them, this article is going to be your ultimate savior.

Here are 9 sassy ways in which you can wear a blanket scarf:

1. The Loopy Look:


Hold the scarf equidistant on both the sides and toss the sides on the opposite direction and you’re good to go!

2. The Basic One:


Pretty much sure you know this one, keep one of the sides a bit longer than the other and loop it around the neck. Familiar, right?

3. The Cape Inspiration:

Days when you don’t feel like wearing a sweater even though it’s freezing outside, unite any two of the opposite corners of the scarf to obtain a triangle and drape it around your shoulder. That’s the cape style. Oh, so simple!

4. Team Up With a Belt:


So you have a blanket scarf with a very pretty print and wish you could wear it like a top? Your wishes have been granted! All you need is a belt to wrap around your waist after you drape the blanket scarf over your body.

5. Bodacious Braid:

Hair braids are cool but have you ever tried braids on your scarf? Luckily, blanket scarfs are long enough to try that out.

6. Keep It Casual:


To all the lazy girls out there, we’ve got your back! Not in a mood to experiment? That’s okay, you can look stylish effortlessly by just merely hanging the blanket scarf casually.

7. Bandana:


Fold the scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck by tying a knot at the back. Pro tip: Conglomeration of jacket and bandana style blanket scarf is a sure hit. Easy-peasy, right?

8. All About Neck:

If you want to beat those cold waves and protect your throat without being a dullsville, this has to be favorite rite style. Roll the blanket scarf around your neck and pull an end from below your neck. Wollah! You’re ready!

9. Single Shoulder Cape:


Lazy girls’ rescuer! Throw one side of the blanket scarf on the opposite shoulder casually and ta-da! Alright to make it little simpler for you, we have some amazing styling videos here. Check it out,


Which idea appealed to you the most? Do let us know in the common section below.

xoxo ladies!

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