Best Way To Grow, Care and Optimize Your Beard

“With great beard comes great responsibility”

In ancient times, beards were a sign of prestige. As of now, it stands for masculinity and strength.
As much as it looks sexy, growing beard can be a real turmoil. You need to be patient and just let it grow.

Beard is more of a responsibility since it requires constant grooming and needs to be taken care of.
Is the growing number of grooming products and products claiming to give your beard the best care getting you all confused?

Then keep on scrolling…

Beard Grooming Tips:

1. Patience:

The urge to trim your beard once it starts growing is tempting. It’s hard to refrain and the struggle is real. Just stay away from any styling or grooming for 4-7 weeks and let that beast grow.
Keeping your beard untouched will let you pick any of your favorite styles.

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2. A Shape That Complements Your Face:

The biggest that we men tend to do is to follow trends blindly without giving a second thought whether it’ll suit us. Each one of us has distinct and unique face cutting, choosing a shape that complements your face is hence important.

3. Trimming Schedule:

In order to have a well-groomed and shaped beard, one must follow a strict trimming schedule, invest in the right products, knowing when and how to get the beard trimmed.

4. Don’t Make Your Moustache Feel Alienated:

On the verge of beard grooming, don’t forget to give your moustache all the love too. Keep it neat and trimmed with your regular pair of scissors.

5. Supplements:

Beard too, like our body, craves for vitamin, protein, and fat from meat, nuts, eggs, and yolks. A healthy diet for a healthy beard. You can also try out supplements such as Vitabeard.

Your Search For Beard Products Comes To An End With USTRAA Products:

1. Ustraa Beard Growth Serum:

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Oil-Free Formulation.
  • Healthy & Moisturized hair with wheat & soy proteins.
  • Stimulates Hair Follicles with nasturtium flower extract.
  • Suitable for all beard styles.
  • Sulphate & Paraben Free.

2. Ustraa Turban Pride Beard Fixer:

  • No white flaking.
  • Strong long-lasting hold.
  • Pleasing fragrance.
  • Quick to dry.
  • Gives a natural shine.
  • Does not weigh down hair.
  • Easy to use spray.
  • No harmful ingredients.

3. Ustraa Beard Wash Woody:

  • An intense foaming formula for a deeper and better cleansing.
  • Cedarwood oil strengthens hair.
  • Soya & Wheat proteins assist in thicker & healthier growth.
  • Contains amino acids which help against hair damage.
  • Moisturises and conditions the beard hair.
  • Reduces itching and irritation.
  • SLS & Parabens free.

4. Ustraa Beard Comb Set (Set of 3):

  • A Brush – To help remove dust and dirt from the beard & keep it clean.
  • A Wide Tooth Comb – To Untangle your beard.
  • A Narrow tooth comb – To set it right.
  • A classy Jute bag to carry the comb easily

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