How To Use Face Primer? 4 Helpful Primer Hacks For Easier Makeup

Primer is like, “Girl, I’ve got your back”. Primer is necessary and we just can’t emphasize more on it. It’s your shield from smudgy and messy makeup. Your makeup is never complete without a primer. You just can’t dodge a primer, C’mon! Call it a blanket for your face. If you’re a newbie to the world of makeup, there are things you ought to know about this magical makeup product. Let us begin, shall we?

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1. WHAT is a Primer?:

A base for your foundation, the key to a flawless makeup, secret to long-lasting makeup and a good coverage. That’s how we’d define a primer. Smooth skin prior to makeup, minimized pores, even skin tone you have it all with primer.

2. WHY should one use primer?:

You can lucidly spot the difference after using a primer. Your makeup seems to have accentuated all of a sudden and your face will look healthier than ever because of that primer not only works as a base but also is a fantastic skin care agent. The ingredients are bound to help your skin, moisturize and hydrate it. Isn’t that amazing? A makeup product that has dual-benefits?

3. HOW to use a primer?

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In order to prep up, you need to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin prior to the application. These preliminary three steps are pre-requisite for your skin to be able to adapt to a primer.


A wee amount of primer at the back of your hand and apply it on your fingertips, blend it from the nose outwards. After you’re done blending perfectly, you get a smooth even-toned surface on your skin that’s absolutely apt for applying foundation. But before you jump into a foundation, wait, let the primer descend.
After a while, you’ll notice the reduced redness, fine lines, and freckles. Impressive, right?


In order to be a pro in this business, there are hacks you need to know. We’ve listed down some easy-peasy hacks for you to master, here we go:

Primer Hack #1: Being minimalistic

You don’t have to pour a lot of it. Just a pea-sized amount is more than enough. Blend it for smooth and even skin texture.

Primer Hack #2: Moisturise before you apply primer:

As mentioned before, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize before you jump to the stage of application of primer.

Primer Hack #3: A Tinted primer:

Tinted primer is the answer to the dull and lifeless skin.

Primer Hack #4: Compatibility test:

The primer and foundation need to complement each other. There is a separate primer available for oily skin and dry skin. In absence of compatibility, the base will get separated.

Remember: A water-based primer always gets along with a water-based foundation.

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