7 Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening Available in India

Your skin grows old along with you. As the year passes by, it starts to acquire different signs of aging. The skin tends to loosen up owing to reduced elasticity and becomes more transparent. Spending thousands of bucks on botox therapy and cosmetic surgeries aren’t the option for most people. Goodness gracious, there are a number of renowned kitchen staple oils that can help to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Essential Oils For Skin Tightening - Tikli

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are 7 must-try best essential oils for skin tightening:

1. Virgin Coconut Oil:

Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

A 5-10 minutes massage in a circular motion with virgin coconut oil can change the whole dimension. Repeating this regimen every night yields astonishing results. The virgin oil penetrates into the layers of your weak and loose skin and strengthens the layers from within, preventing further damage. Apart from this, virgin coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer as well.

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil – Kama Ayurveda

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

2. Rosemary Oil:

Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening
Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

Adding 1 tbsp of rosemary oil to grind cucumber paste can stimulate blood circulation which in turn is a blessing for your skin which craves elasticity. Carnosol and squalene are the agents that halt the aging process. Repeat this regimen 4-5 times a week for effective results.

Old Tree Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

3. Almond Oil:

Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening
Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

Being a bank of vitamin E, Almond oil heals the skin like none. It repairs and rejuvenates the skin cells, smoothening wrinkles, and fine lines. Prolonged use of Almond oil can fetch surprising results. It kicks out dead skin cells and tan from the skin. For best results use it every alternate day.

Kama Ayurveda Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

4. Vitamin-E Capsule:

Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening
Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

Squeeze the oil out from the capsule and massage the elixir on your skin. Vitamin-E capsule not only tightens your skin but also solves the discoloration woes. You’ll start to notice your scars vanishing (if any) after using these capsules for a considerable period of time.
Vitamin-E oil before bed every day for glowing young skin.

5. Olive Oil:

Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

Olive oil is darling. It serves multiple purposes. Like rosemary oil, this one too has squalene. Olive oil, in fact, should be applied to the whole body. It’s an excellent moisturizer since time immemorial. It hydrates the skin and locks the moisture.

6. Argan Oil:

Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

With a high content of Vitamin E and fatty acid, argan oil is probably one of the best options. It’s non-sticky, rich in linoleic acid, and has numerable healing properties. It guarantees skin elasticity by taking care of the skin cells from within, rejecting the dead ones.

7. Mustard Oil:

Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

Mustard oil can be spotted in every household. Rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids, mustard oil is an absolute genius. Lukewarm mustard oil massaged regularly for 10-15 minutes before taking a bath, leaves behind skin wrinkles, fine lines, and many other skin complications.

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