6 Best Hair Care Tips to Have Beautiful and Healthy Hair

There are two things that we hate tangled-earphones and hair, isn’t it? Talking about the latter, waking up every morning with troubled dry and tangled hair is truly annoying. No matter what your hair type is, thin or thick, long or short, curly or wavy or straight, the aftermath of shampoo can never be too pleasant. Dry hair with knots and tangles are the reasons you can never do without a hairspray and hair comb.
Mostly, dry dehydrated rough hair is the reason behind those knots.

Best Hair Care Tips to Have Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Check out 6 best hair care tips to have beautiful and healthy hair:

1. Trimming Your Hair:

Best Hair Care Tips to Have Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Trimming your hair once in every two months, chops off the damaged portions of your hair. It lets your hair further grow into healthy looking, thick mane. Since the hair follicles remain unhindered on trimming the ends of your hair, it promotes faster growth and guarantees less breakage due to tangling.

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2. Finding the right soulmate for your shampoo:

An effective conditioner: Are you sure that your hair’s happy with the conditioner that you use? Maybe not. Applying the wrong conditioner might destroy the harmony of your hair, harming its fiber. Choosing the most compatible hair conditioner is the step one followed by the step two-complying to the instructions prescribed on the bottle in order to derive the maximum benefit.

3. “Champi”:

Haircare regimen can never be whole without a “champi” every day. Hot coconut massages every night before going to sleep for 10-15 minutes can bring a huge difference in your hair texture. It is the key to happy and lustrous locks. You can use essential oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil or lavender oil alternatively.

4. Keep that comb away:

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Grabbing your comb first every time your hair messes up need to halt. Gently slide your fingers through the tangle/knot firstly and then run the comb through your hair.
This will hurt your hair a tad bit less.
Moreover, if you are someone who is using plastic combs then it’s high time for you to switch to wooden combs. Wooden combs prevent breakage and ensure high blood flow in your scalp.

5. Say YES to Satin pillow covers:

Cotton pillow covers tend to suck the natural oils from our hair and turns them dry and lifeless. On the other hand, Satin pillowcases take care of our hair. Owing to the less friction and helps your hair retain its natural oils. Moreover, Satin keeps split ends at arm’s length.

6. Mind your Towel:

Vigorously rubbing the towel on your wet hair is a practice that needs to be stopped. Not only does it rub away the excess water but also the essential oils and fiber. All you’ve got to do is gently squeeze the water off your mane and leave your hair to dry by itself.
Don’t torture your hair strands with a towel!

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