DIY Avocado Face Mask For All Skin Type

Being gentle to your skin is important. Investing your time, money and efforts on your skin is important. It is good to show some love and affection to your skin once in a while, after all, our skin is a priceless possession and it totally deserves all the attention. With summer approaching, the reign of merciless Sun is about to incept. Looking after your skin is about to get a bit tougher. Let’s make this summer skincare regimen a bit fun, shall we? How about some fruity interference? Avocado, for instance?

Avocado Face Mask DIY

Beloved “Makkhan Fal” in India, Avocado bears a smooth texture. This healthy yet zany fruit is grown in the lower parts of the country. It is known for being immensely versatile- a nutritious fruit to savor, great for the hair, an agent of weight loss and also great for the skin.

Benefits Of Avocado Face Mask

1. A Moisturizer In Disguise:

Avocado can definitely be labeled as the best remedy for dehydrated skin. Avocado oils, Vitamin E and fatty acid can easily replace your daily moisturizer and creams.
Why? Because your skin’s outermost layer, namely, epidermis, is friends with avocado oils!

2. Keeps Inflammation At A Bay:

Thanks to the generous antioxidants present in avocados, they can heal your skin like magic. Flaky, dry, upset skin needs vitamins and essential oils to recover. Avocado’s all that you need.

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3. Fights Acne:

Struggling with acne? Avocado helps in dealing with redness and inflammation, sucking out the excess oil from the skin. The excess sebum triggered by various reasons is the cause. Avocado ensures clean skin and washes off the dead skin cells.

4. Untimely Aging Of Skin:

Our challenging fast-paced lifestyle damages our skin more than we can realize. It causes early skins of aging to take over, wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines along with it. Avocado is a savior as it maintains the elasticity of our facial skin and eliminates these early skins of aging.

Convinced that avocado is the one for you? Then do check out these amazing avocado face masks that’ll make your Summer super this year:

Avocado Face Mask

1. Avocado and Honey Face Mask: The one for acne prone skin:

Avocado And Honey Face Mask

Acne can be really traumatic. A lot of adults fall victim to it. Frequent breakouts, excessive oil secretion, redness can make your daily life a mess. Wish to get rid of it?

  • Ripe avocado and tablespoon honey might do the trick.
  • Make a paste of mashed avocado and honey and let it rest on your face for about 20-30 minutes.
  • During this period, let the vitamin A and fatty acid and of course, the much-needed antioxidants of this paste help you soothe and calm your skin. Honey works miraculously in the skin brightening and cleansing.
  • Then, ultimately wash it off and pat dry your face with a clean gentle towel.

2. Curd and Avocado Face Mask: The one for Dry Skin

  • In order to rejuvenate your dull and dry skin, you need just two ingredients, ripe avocado, and 2 tablespoon curd.
  • Create a smooth textured paste out of the two (it must be lump-free).
  • Apply this paste evenly all over your face and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • After rinsing it off, you’ll be surprised to see the face mask brings your skin back to life!

The Curd is a brilliant ingredient when it comes to tightening pores and eliminating the dead skin cells. Avocado coupled with curd is the ultimate partnership for your dry skin.

3. Avocado and Banana Face Mask: The one that goes with every skin typeAvocado and Banana Face Mask

Banana is a storehouse for potassium and vitamin E and C. It guarantees a perpetual glowing skin on regular application with creamy Avocado.

  • Cut both, the banana and avocado in two equals halves.
  • Take each half from both the fruits and mix them up in a bowl vigorously.
  • You may even use a mixer grinder to obtain a lump-free paste. Post application on the face, let it rest for 30 minutes and then wash it off.
  • This face mask will surely make your face all happy and savvy.

4. Avocado and Egg Face Mask: The one for oily skin

This one is exclusively for oily skin.

  • Note that you do not need the entire egg.
  • Extract just the egg white.
  • Take a spoon and scoop out the avocado.
  • Pour the egg white on the bowl containing avocado and stir it well.
  • Apply the mixture and let it rest for a span of 20 minutes.
  • Lastly, wash your face off with cold water. Now, talking about the benefits that you’ll derive from this face mask.

Not only does the mask close large pores present on your face but also it makes your skin crystal clear.

5. Avocado and Coconut Oil Face Mask: The one for combination skin type

Avocado and Coconut Oil Face Mask

Got T-Zone oil issues? To all the girls with combination skin, avocado’s here to save you!

  • A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and aloe vera gel combined with mashed avocado can work wonders.
  • Just mix them all in a bowl and apply the mask on your face.
  • Let it rest on your face for 20 minutes and then gently scrub the paste from your face and then splash some cold water.

Coconut oil’s every Granny’s favorite for its deep moisturizing properties and aloe vera for being the ultimate cooling agent. No reason why you shouldn’t try this one out!

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