Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him & Her

The much-awaited time of the year is around the corner as we’ve already entered the month of romance, the day you can officially declare your love and affection for your loved ones- better half, parents, friends or anyone that you deeply admire, in general. It recognizes and celebrates the significance of love in our life. What are the things that pop up in your head when you hear “Valentine’s Day”? Probably, showering gifts, teddies, chocolates, a dress, a bouquet of flowers and every romantic stuff possible to perceive, isn’t it?

valentine day ideas

What’s your plan for this Valentine’s day? Running out of ideas? We’ve got your back! Here are some legit great plans for you and your partner for this Valentine’s day:

1. Dinner Date:

valentine day ideas

Ask your partner out for a memorable dinner date at a Deli or a cute cozy cafe. Not really fancy of fancy dinners? It doesn’t really have to be an extravaganza. You can both cook together at home and have a good time, a heartful conversation whilst preparing dinner together. Bond better over fondue pasta and scrumptious desserts, perhaps?

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2. Karaoke Session or a Comedy Show:

Make Valentine’s evening a fun-filled quirky one with Karaoke. There’s no better way to distress and chill than this. Go all goofy and let the happy times roll with a light-hearted Karaoke session with your bae at the nearest bar, socialize, and let loose. If you and your bae aren’t really fond of it then you guys can book your tickets to a comedy show to go bonkers laughing.

3. A bike ride or a long drive:

valentine day ideas

Hideaway from the restless cosmopolitan crowd and go for a bike ride or a long drive with your partner and let the stars guide your way! This will be a really soulful experience for you both. After all, who can resist such escapes once in a while?

4. Movie date:

Don’t you dare stick to the usual Netflix and Chill, dismiss that plan! A romantic movie on this very romantic day is a must. Find the perfect ongoing date night film for the both of you, book the tickets and relish. Movie date can never be a bad idea, duh!

5. Adventure on the cards:

Are you a couple who’s a sucker for an adrenaline rush? Then you might consider doing an adventure sport together to make the V-Day unforgettable. Take your romance to the peak (literally) with Skydiving, paragliding and trekking should definitely be in your options. Take the time to reunite with one another, ignite the sparks of passion and cherish the moments amidst these adventure sports with your bae.

Coming to gifts, no matter what you plan to buy make sure that it is accompanied without flowers. Hey, admit it, Valentine’s day can never be fair without some flowery affair! Well, a flower is something, in fact, the only thing that’s remained constant throughout the years in everybody’s valentine’s day list.

valentine day ideas

Flowers are indeed timeless and the most gracious way to express one’s love. An old school heart will always fall for the wafting fragrance of fresh flowers! It conveys a delicate vibe. Women, especially, can never say NO to flowers. They are hell bound to fall for blossoms! A bouquet of rose or your girlfriend’s favorite flower can oomph up the love and warmth factors.

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