Amazing Benefits Of Grapes For Hair and Skin

There are more than 8000 dissimilar varieties of grapes available, in colors ranging from red and green to white, golden and black. Grapes look like berries and according to botany, are yet considered to be one of the berries family. Grapes are fine sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as flavonoids and antioxidants apart from other compounds. Because of the great quantity in the nutrients, grapes are considered to be good for the health.

Grapes are simply available in the markets throughout the year. The grapevine containing the bunch of berries are not only pretty to look at and tasty with its sweet and tart taste but are overloaded with vital nutrients that work for the well-being of the body.

Here Are Some Amazing Benefits of Grapes for Hair and Skin

Benefits of Grapes For Skin

1. Controls Ageing

Grapes being loaded with anti-oxidants help in fighting free radicals which help in keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Also, being a good source of vitamin C, the fruit help replenishes collagen levels and delay the aging process and keep your skin young and soft.

To use, make a pulp of seedless red grapes and massage it on your face in circular motion for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with fresh water. Usual use will make wrinkles and fine lines disappear. This is one of the finest grapes benefits for the skin.

2. Lightening the Scars

It is probably to ease the appearance of scars through the action of green grapes. The scars on the facial skin are mostly caused by acne. The vitamin C here in the green grapes is responsible for this fantastic benefit of grapes to keep your skin flawless. The vitamin C also promotes the creation of collagen as well as the growth of new ligaments, tissues, and cells.

In order to get relieved of scars, a tablespoon of alum is taken with green grapes and a tablespoon of salt on them. The juice is taken out of the grapes and is applied to the face. It is then washed off after 15 minutes. By doing this grapes treatment frequently, it is possible to lighten the scars.

3. Protection against Sunburns

Sometimes, the sun is so cruel that we end up getting sunburned still if we have applied sunscreen. And sometimes, we may even forget to slather on some. No worries, nature has a result for all problems. Grapes, astounding as it might sound, are a great home remedy for sunburns. The plump parts of the grapes, as well as the extract of their seeds, include Proanthocyanidin and Resveratrol that are a great antioxidant which helps to treat sunburn and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun.

4. Improve your Skin Tone

Improving your skin tone is an amazing benefit of grapes to remain your skin healthy.

To achieve this, clutch out the juice of green grapes and apply it on the skin. Cleanse your skin after the grape juice has air dried. Following this grape remedy regularly will really improve your skin tone.

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Benefits of Grapes For Hair

5. Controls Dandruff

Controls dandruff is one of the main common problems of hair, dandruff, can be caused due to several factors like dry, flaky scalp. Grape Seed is extremely effective in dandruff control & scalp toning. You can apply grapes seed oil as it moisturizes the hair and also prevents the loss of natural moisture.

Regularly massage your scalp with grapeseed oil helps in controlling dandruff. Leave it on for at least one hour and then rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. It also promotes your hair growth and makes hair soft and shiny.

Alternatively, you can also add grapes in your diet as the water consumed from the grapes will remain your scalp nourished and hydrated.

6. Treatment for Hair Loss

Seeing a lot of hair tangled in our comb has the potential to scare us out of our wits. Especially during monsoons where hair fall appears to be as common as the rain. To stop this breakage, massage your scalp with grapeseed oil on a regular basis. It is really beneficial in combating hair loss. Linoleic acid present in grapes and the grapeseed oil strengthens the follicles and makes the hair strong and attractive.

7. Reduces Premature Graying

The majority of the population is plagued by the problem of early graying. Grapes are enriched with various vitamins and nutrients like proteins, calcium, copper just to name a few which aid in reversing premature graying.

To get the natural color of your tresses back, dry the skin of blue grapes and grind it into a powder. Mix the fenugreek powder and chickpea flour with it. Apply it as a pack to the hair. Wash the hair after 20 minutes with a gentle shampoo.

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