Find Best Eyebrows, Hairstyle and Makeup For Your Face Shape

The shape of our face seems to be perpetually intriguing. Round? Heart? Rectangle? Diamond? It’s always been hard to conclude. Knowing the shape of your face surely helps in making wiser decisions regarding haircuts and makeups.

How to identify Your Face Shape

It helps you to know what suits you better and what doesn’t. Well, determining the shape of one’s face isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. There are precisely 6 face shapes.
Wish to know which one is yours? Keep on reading ahead…

1. Round Shaped:

Celebrities With Round Face Shapes
Celebrities With Round Face Shapes

Examine your cheekbone. The Round shaped face is characterized by a not-so-prominent cheekbone. There are no sharp edges as such and the corner of the face is soft. It is easy to spot a round face as it is basically circular in shape.

Eyebrow For Round Face Shape

High arch eyebrows are perfect to elongate your round shape face.

Hair Style For Round Face Shape

  • Long layered
  • Lob with a side part
  • Side wavy Pony

Makeup For Round Face Shape

Someone with a round face should definitely not skip the contour and blush to accentuate their features.

Celebrity With Round Shaped Face:

Round shape Mila Tunis, Selena Gomez, and Chrissy Teigen are some of the gorgeous examples who have a much-coveted round-shaped face.

2. Square Shaped:

Celebrities With Square Face Shapes

While considering whether your face is square-shaped or not, survey your jawline. The angle of the jaw is sharp rather than rounded. All measurements are fairly equal.

Eyebrow For Square Face Shape

You should balance your face with angled brows.

Hair Style For Square Face Shape

In order to slay with that square-shaped face of yours

  • Long waves
  • A-line chin-length bob
  • Multiple layers with side bangs

Makeup For Square Face Shape

Get your hands-on highlighter and blush to soften the sharp edges of your face, if you wish to!

Celebrity With Square Shaped Face:

Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman are some of the celebs who possess a square-shaped face.

3. Diamond-shaped:

celebrity in diamond shape
celebrity in a diamond shape

One of the most attractive face shapes, women with diamond-shaped faces tend to have a narrow jawline. The cheekbones are definitely going to be high.

Eyebrows For Diamond Face Shape

To lessen the width of your face and to make it look less angular, choose curved eyebrows.

Hair Style For Diamond Face Shape

  • Chin Length Bob
  • Angled Pixie
  • Shoulder length hair

Makeup For Diamond Face Shape

Peppy bold lip color along with some highlighter on the cupid’s bow would look totally smashing on ladies with a diamond-shaped face.

Celebrity With Diamond Shaped Face:

Some of the celebrities with diamond-shaped faces are Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lopez.

4. Heart Shaped:

Celebrity in heart shape

This one quite explains itself. The face resembles the shape of the heart. People with a heart-shaped face usually have a large forehead than the cheekbones and jawline. They tend to have a sharp jawline and the forehead is the widest part of the face.

Eyebrows For Heart Face Shape

Heart Shape face needs curved eyebrows. Start with a low arch and add more volume depending on how wide your forehead is.

Hair Style For Heart Face Shape

  • Curly side pony
  • Medium hairstyle with flicks
  • Curly hair with wispy bangs

Makeup For Heart Face Shape

When it comes to makeup, smoky eyes and blush for cheeks would be good to go.

Celebrity With Heart Shaped Face:

Lili Reinhart, Reese Witherspoon, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra

5. Oval Shaped:

celebrity in Oval shape

Kind of the extended version of a round-shaped face. It is characterized by a long face with the forehead as the widest part of the entire face. People will oval faces have a sharp jawline but with a round chin.

Eyebrows For Oval Face Shape

Keep your eyebrows soft angles to maintain the sharpness of your face.

Hair Style For Oval Face Shape

  • A-line Bob
  • Medium length hair
  • Long wavy hair

Makeup For Oval Face Shape

When it comes to makeup, oval-shaped face screams for a balance between the lips and eyes. Heavy eye makeup can’t go along with a bold lip.

Celebrity With Oval Shaped Face:

Celebrities such as Blake Lively and Beyonce are the ones with a classic oval face.

6. Rectangular Shaped:

celebrity in Rectangular shape

The concoction of oval and square is exactly what a rectangular-shaped face looks like. The length of the face is more than the width. Also, you’ll surely have a high forehead if you’re someone with a rectangular-shaped face.

Eyebrows For Rectangular Face Shape

Go for straighter eyebrows to make your face look shorter.

Hair Style For Rectangular Face Shape

  • Long voluminous curls
  • Medium flip out
  • Medium bouncy curls

Makeup For Rectangular Face Shape

Smokey eyes would work for people with a rectangular face just like people with a heart-shaped face. Balance is the key for you. No bold lip color should be applied with heavy eye makeup.

Celebrity With Rectangular Shaped Face:

Kim K, Courtney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler

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