Tips and Tricks: How to Use a Beauty Blender

Makeup artists and fashion influencers around the globe are gushing over beauty blenders these days. They say there’s no looking back once you’ve started using beauty blenders! The miracle makeup sponge is definitely providing stiff competition to its fellow makeup tool-makeup brushes. Makeup enthusiasts owe a big one to the founder of beauty blenders, Rea Ann Silva. Her brilliant wee idea took the whole makeup industry across the world by storm, morphed and leveled-up the makeup game. It is because of beauty blenders that, today, a flawless high definition makeup is no longer a fantasy. It is easily achievable.

Tips and Tricks: How to Use a Beauty Blender

It’s time for you to ask yourself, are you really happy with your makeup brushes? Do you think your fingers blend the makeup well enough to give a flawless look? If your answer to any of these questions is in negative then it’s time for you to move on. For those of you aiming for an error-free pristine makeup finish, keep on reading this article as we are going to demystify all your queries regarding how to use a beauty blender if you are a first-timer.


Before you begin with your makeup application, these are the two pre-requisites:

1. Dampen the Beauty Blender:

A beauty blender works best when it’s moist. Make sure that you moisten your beauty blender before you get going. You must be wondering what the beauty blender’s going to suck up most of your makeup, right? Well, no! This is exactly why you need to dampen your sponge and remove the excess water. A dampen sponge gives you the ultimate dewy finish and it doesn’t eat up your makeup. A beauty blender that is claggy, promises to save a lot of your makeup product.

Here’s a quick tip: Wet the sponge with cold water to replenish your face.

2. Squeeze-N-Squash:

This step is quite evident. The excess water needs to be squeezed out of the beauty blender. Be gentle with the sponge. Squeezing and squashing too hard might lead to a torn sponge. Your sharp nails might be the biggest foe of your delicate beauty blender. This step should be followed by a rehydration process. A full-face makeup calls for extra efforts. Slightly dampen the sponge with a setting spray for this purpose. This will bring your sponge back to life!


1. Dab:

Use the large round end to dab your product on for overall face coverage – using a dabbing motion, instead of dragging or sweeping it, makes your makeup look more natural and reduces streaks.
Wondering what those sharp edges are for? Well, those are for precise application on small areas of your face such as, under eyes, around your nose and lips.

2. Cleaning:

You have to clean up the sponge every time you’re done doing makeup. The beauty blender can easily harbor bacteria if not maintained post usage. Getting accustomed to this practice as soon as possible will be the best for you. Drench the beauty blender in a soapy solution for about 20 minutes will suffice. Lastly, it the sponge dry.


1. White beauty blender:

The colorless sponges are meant to apply skincare products. These are also known as Pure beauty blenders (since they are sans any dye). One can opt for it for a great application of daily skincare products such as sunscreens, moisturizers or serums. Of course, dampen before using!

2. Black beauty blender:

Meant for dark-toned products such as dark bronzers and darker foundation, black beauty blender is best used with self-tanner and complexion products for gorgeous results. Its texture is often a bit rougher than the usual beauty blenders.

3. Pinky Beauty Blender:

The most sought-after beauty blender. This one’s meant for primer, foundation, and other face makeup products. It is important to know that once the pink dye starts to wash off from the beauty blender, it is a clear cue for you to switch your sponge ASAP.

These three are what you ordinarily need. However, there are a few more colored sponges. The range further extends to nude, red, purple and yellow.

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