Brighten Up Your Durga Puja With These Gorgeous Blouse Designs

The Blouse Designs are just drool worthy. Check them out.

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Durga Puja or Navratri is one of the most popular festivals in India. With a harmony of colors, design, and silhouettes so get set for a festive launch. Sayanti Ghosh Designer Studio has recently launched her premium blouse designs collection that perfectly matches with Durga Puja occasion. These blouse designs collections that you would love to get on your festive time! After all, half the look of your saree lies in the blouse.

A blouse is an eternal female garment which found a place in our closets ages back and still continues to be a necessary part of it. Even though it was previously just an ordinary garment piece covering the body from the neck or shoulders to the waistline, it has now totally evolved and has a quite great scope of creating a style statement. Check out her awesome collections.

1. The Traditional Clay Image of Durga Pratima

Blouse Designs For Durga Puja

Blouse Designs For Durga Puja

Blouse Designs

2. Kagaj Phul 3D Blouse Design

Blouse Designs

This puja adores art and beauty and looks aesthetically pleasing with our 3d kagaj phul blouse.

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3. Bird of Paradise Flower

Blouse Designs

Bird of paradise flower on a black base and yellow jamdani motif embroidery on yellow silk saree.

4. Night-flowering jasmine (Sheuli Flower)

Blouse Designs

5. Fish Hand Embroidery Blouse Design

Blouse Designs

6. Sanganeri Print Blouse Designs

Blouse Designs

The green blouse design is inspired by Sanganeri print, a very famous print of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

7. Ginkgo Hand Embroidered Blouse

Blouse Designs

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8. Hibiscus flowers

Blouse Designs

Durga Puja is incomplete without a red border white saree, basket of red hibiscus flowers, Alta, sindur. Hibiscus flowers are the symbol of the cosmic womb of Mahakali.  Here designer presenting Hibiscus (Jhumko Jaba) blouse and saree!

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