8 Most Chic and Amazing Hairstyles for Round face

Eventually we all search the best hairstyles for our faces as believed round faces don’t look that charming with straight hair let break this misbelief now we must count on that we all are beautiful of course who doesn’t want to just add a little more glow and if you are also the one with a round face. Trust us you are at the right place there are a variety of hairstyles for different face shapes on the internet which are already breaking this belief but we shall be helping you to join that team if you are willing to try a new hairstyle you can definitely choose one of these and see how alluring you look.


How to know if you have a Round Face?

You have a round face if:

  • Your face is not angular and you have softer features.
  • The width and height of your face are almost equal.
  • You have a wider hairline and fuller cheekbones.

Here are the most-trendy Straight Hairstyles for round face:

1. Long layers With Side Swept Bangs

Hairstyles for Round face

Side-swept bangs paired with long layers are a great hairstyle for round face as they create the illusion of elongating the face instead of making it appear wide. This hairstyle is great for casual and special occasions and is easy to maintain with regular trims. Side-swept bangs also look great when they grow out, which makes them perfect for people who easily get bored with their hairdos. Straight-cut bangs are not suitable for round faces as it makes the face appear smaller and hidden away.

2. Face Framing Layers

Hairstyles for Round face

Face framing layers make your round face appear more feminine and draw attention to your facial features. It also makes your eyes appear more prominent. These layers give life to long hair. This hairstyle is easily achievable by using a blow-dryer and a paddle brush. The hair should be blow-dried straight and then inwardly curled towards the ends, then set with hairspray. It goes great with western apparel and is quite simple yet trendy.

3. The Classic Middle-Partition:hairstyle for round face

Hairstyle For Round Face

Many women do not prefer layers or complicated, high-maintenance hairstyles. Going with the classic middle partition is great for round faces as it brings attention to the central facial features and your cheekbones. You can simply straighten your hair with a flat iron and try this look now!

4. The Angled-Bob

Hairstyle For Round Face

This short hair-cut is great for round faces as it makes their face more defined. It is a low maintenance look for women who don’t find the time or dislike spending too much time on their hair. An angled bob is great on the go haircut and can be maintained with setting creams and regular trims.

5. Pixie Haircut For Round Face

Hairstyle For Round Face

Hairstyles For Round Face

Hairstyles For Round Face

The most unconventional and edgy hairstyle which complements a round face is the pixie haircut. This haircut looks voluminous at the top and sleek at the bottom, thus adding length to your round face. It may seem low maintenance however, it requires frequent visits to the salon, depending on how fast your hair grows.

6. Sleek and Straight Ponytail

Hairstyles For Round Face

It is great to flaunt your round face and this can be achieved by a sleek high ponytail. You can use hair extensions and even clip-on to make your ponytail to add volume. The ponytail is a great everyday look you can wear to work or school. It’s a fuss-free hairstyle and perfect for summers!

7. The Stunning Side-Part:

Hairstyles For Round Face

Parting straight hair to either the deep right side or deep left side makes your round face look more sharp, symmetrical and defined. People with a round can pull this look off better than people which a more oval or rectangular face. You can also sport a side part ponytail or choose to leave your hair open.

8. Un-Even Bob:

Hairstyle For Round Face

Another short hairstyle that is ideal for a round face is the asymmetrical bob, wherein one side of the hair is lengthier than the other. The shorter side usually up to the chin and the longer side is up to the shoulder. It’s easy to maintain and the most fashionable hairstyle for all seasons.

General Hair Styling tips and tricks for Round Face:

– Make sure you add height to your hairstyles, i.e more layers on the top and less towards the ends as it will not make your face look wider.

– Try to draw the eye downward with longer layers.

– If you have fine hair try to part your hair either in the middle or towards the side, it will add an angle to your face.

You can always find more hairstyling ideas and inspiration from celebrities like Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and Margot Robbie!

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