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Best Hairstyle For A Wedding, Mehndi And Haldi With Floral

Mehndi and Haldi ceremony is preliminary functions held in the bride and Grooms house. Family, Friends and close relatives from far and wide will attend these functions and shower their love. This traditional ceremony creates an environment of enthusiasm and fun. Everyone will be more excited to join this function especially women.

Usually, Women will select their outfit, jewellery, and other accessories to attend this traditional ceremony and wants to look fabulous. Meanwhile, they give more importance to the hairstyle. Because they know hairstyle plays an important role as it adds extra charm to your beauty.

So, friends, if you are searching for some of the easy and elegant hairstyles for a Wedding, Mehndi, and Haldi ceremony. Then you are in the right post.

hairstyle for wedding

Yes, in this article, we are going to share with you some of the easy hairstyles which can be recreated easily for any occasion.

Here some of the Hairstyles which can be recreated for Mehndi and Haldi Ceremonies.

1. White and Pink Flowers Hairstyle

hairstyle for a Wedding

As we know Flowers enhances beauty. This Beautiful White and pink flower combination is a perfect hairstyle for a Wedding, Haldi, and Mehndi ceremony. You can try this hairstyle which gives you a classic look.

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2. Floral Headband Hairstyle

hairstyle for a Wedding

One of the elegant hairstyles which suit for Haldi. In this photo, you can see the bride has soft curls and paired with flower accessories.

3. Multiple Braids Hairstyle

hairstyle for a Wedding

These hairstyles suit any occasion. Here we can see multiple braids that form as a loop and used hair accessories that look stunning.

4. Triple Fusion Hairstyle

hairstyle for the Wedding

The perfect hairstyle for a Wedding ceremony. This hairstyle is a combination of braids, pony, and butterflies. They have used golden shaded butterflies accessories which are giving an extra charm.

5. Braid Studded with Floral Hairstyle

hairstyle for a Wedding

In this hairstyle, two strands of braid studded with floral accessories which give an extra charm to the hairstyle. You can recreate this hairstyle by yourself.

6. Twist Bun Hairstyle

hairstyle for the Wedding

One of the simple and elegant hairstyles. This beautiful rose twist bun is decorated with mini accessories. You can give a try to this new trend hairstyle.

7. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

hairstyle for the Wedding

This fishtail loose braid hairstyle suits for any occasion. Here they used the pearl to embellished the hair look. You can also make use of other accessories like flowers, butterflies and so on.

8. White and Lavender

hairstyle for the Wedding

The white and lavender unique combinations make us mesmerize and one of the suitable hairstyles for both Mehndi and Haldi ceremony.

9. Crisscross Magic Hairstyle

hairstyle for the Wedding

hairstyle for the Wedding

One of the amazing hairstyles which suit any occasion. Here in this picture, we can see multiple braids, connected from one end to another end forms multiple strands and adorned with lots of pearls.

10. One Side Strand Hairstyle

hairstyle for the Wedding

One of the best hairstyle suits for short hairs. Here they made a loose braid in front end and connected to the backend, and they embellished the rest of the curls hairs with flowers that look like a garden.

11. Multiple Braid Roses Hairstyle

hairstyle for Wedding

One of the easy and beautiful hairstyles. With the help of multiple braids, they have created multiple brands that form as a band. finally, they have decorated with beads and mini accessories.

12. Colorful Floral Band Hairstyle

hairstyle for Wedding

This hairstyle looks so cute and a perfect match for your outfit. This hairstyle suits any occasion. You can try this hairstyle for these pre-wedding ceremonies.

13. Perfect Bow Hairstyle

hairstyle for Wedding

Easy hairstyle yet to look more pretty. Here in this pic, we can observe a bow in the middle and embellished with white color beads.

14. Floral Magic Hairstyle

hairstyle for Wedding

In this hairstyle, we can see a loose braid which forms as a band. Decorated with the colorful flowers mainly they used lavender color in this pic as per the outfit. You can use other color flowers which will suit you as per your attire.

15. Classic Style Hairstyle

hairstyle for Wedding

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Here they have twisted hair and connected to another end likewise they have made four more strands. They have used to beads-floral accessories to give extra look.

We hope you all like these hairstyles and more excited to try it. So, friends enhance your beauty by selecting any of these amazing hairstyles.

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