Trending Sleeve Design Patterns To Try With Indian Attire

When you dress to different Indian attires like blouses, Kurtis, Anarkali among others. There are things that you should consider for them to look perfect. One of them is the sleeve design pattern that not only matches the blouse style but trendy and fashionable design. This part of Indian attire is not a frivolous thing to discuss for sleeves make the attire to stand out better. You can get away with the type of embellishment you choose. However, the sleeve design is an important detail that should not be assumed. In this article, you will find out various forms of sleeve design patterns that you can try with different Indian outfits.

Off-shoulder sleeves

sleeve design for blouse

sleeve design for kurti - Off-shoulder sleeves

sleeve design for blouse

You can check out various sleeve designs for your party to wear Kurti’s online party wear Kurtis online. The off-shoulder design is best for it shows off your neck area perfectly. Since they are bare, open and are below the shoulder bone. This sleeve pattern is not unique to most Indian women and is an in-vogue style that most women love in their party, wedding and festival attires. The best thing about this sleeve design and others Is that you can replicate it in other dresses if it is the sleeve you love most. All in all, this design is ideal for saree and Lehenga blouses, maxi dresses and other western tops too.

Angel sleeves

Although some sleeve designs look better with Indian attires and not so good with western attires. There are some like the angel sleeves that are ideal for both of them. This sleeve pattern is like wings of a fairy but in an outfit. It suits both Indian and western outfits with high necks. However, they look unique with different lengths of sleeves that you choose for the outfit. Therefore, you can decide how your angel sleeves look with the sleeve length that you choose for it is a personal choice.

Half sleeves

Although they are not standard sleeves that most people know about. Just as the name suggests these sleeves cover a part of your arm. Other names for it is cap sleeves or quarter sleeves if you need to explain to your designer the sleeve you want. Also, this design is more focused on the length of the sleeve than the design it has. Thus, whether it is for your Indian or western attire. There is a lot you can do with this sleeve design and the types are up to you.

Raglan Sleeve

sleeve design for kurti

sleeve design for kurti

Since there is a set of standard sleeve lengths that most women are familiar with. Among the short, three quarter and full sleeve lengths the raglan sleeve is not one of them. It may look a lot like any of them depending on design but although it comes in all lengths. It qualifies to be called a raglan sleeve. Since it is an extension of the shoulder that is designed with an inseam that passes under your arm. This sleeve is best suited for tops, body con dresses, and t-shirt that run under your arm.

Cape sleeves

Cape sleeves - sleeve design for kurti

Cape sleeves are a trend for every Indian girl and woman. This sleeve design and pattern is a look to die for that is gorgeous no matter the style you choose. These sleeves are a simple overlay of sheer extension to the bodice of your outfit. They can be an attachment or inbuilt with the attire although they look like an extension to the sleeve. This is a perfect sleeve option for bridal dresses, Lehenga cholis and long gowns for an evening function.

Batwing Sleeves

sleeve design for kurti

sleeve design for kurti - Batwing sleeve

If you are familiar with a bat and its wings that’s how this sleeve looks like. It is a replica of a batwing. It is a beautiful sleeve type that has a deeper armhole and it falls loosely. Depending on the style you choose, there is a closed look that looks like an extension of the seam and a kaftan style look. The beauty of it is that it adds to the aesthetics of the outfit and the style is fun. Especially for tunics, short dresses, and western tops.

Long sleeves

These sleeves are long that cover your hand up to the sleeves. It is a popular sleeve design and pattern especially to how snug and tapered they are and look. Although most women wear them during cold days for warmth. These charming sleeves common in bridal wear, Kurtis and sarees do not have to look boring in plain pieces. For instance, you can wear it with a blouse with an off-shoulder neck design and it will look better than a plain round neck pattern.

Kimono sleeves

This sleeve designed is inspired by the Japanese kimono ethnic outfit. The beautiful kimono sleeve is long wide and loose. Since the sleeve length of the outfit should work in tandem with the dress design. Having a short sleeve length with the kimono look will alter the style and design hence a longer sleeve is better. This sleeve type is an attractive pick for Indian outfits and is best suited for both long and short dresses as well as tops to both Indian and western.

Puffed sleeves.

sleeve design for kurti

sleeve design for blouse

This is another popular and pretty sleeve to have on at least a few of your Indian outfits. They are short and gathered to give a puff design to the sleeve. Plus, they always make the outfit pop and they are visible enough due to its unique form. It is ideal for traditional sarees, flowy tops, and short dresses. However, it is not a good choice if you are not bold to show off your arms.

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Cold shoulder sleeves

sleeve design for kurti

Also known as open sleeves. This look is so in vogue right now and the past few seasons as well. It is a safe sleeve design for those who are not used to the sleeveless design. It is a stylish sleeve that you can have in crop tops, blouses for both lehengas and saree. Plus, it is a common sleeve with many western attires.

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