How to Choose Bra and Panty Sets for Your Body Type

When the matter zeroes on women’s bodies, then people come across a huge myriad of sizes and shapes that make each woman unique. Nonetheless, with passing time, the differing proportions of women’s bodies have been put into five major categories and they are the rectangle, the triangle, the hourglass, inverted triangle, and the round body type.

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Now, if you happen to be one who hasn’t heard these words before, then you need not panic as this collection of words is used for the comparative proportions of women’s waist, hips, and shoulders irrespective of their weight. So, when women get prepared to buy bra and panty sets for themselves, they must consider their body types.

How To Choose Lingerie for Your Body Type:

Bra panty sets

1. Lingerie For An Hourglass Type Of Body

When you have got a conventional “36-24-36” figure, then you must wear bra panty sets that would add oomph to your previously hot body. When you have hips and shoulders that happen to be of similar width and when you possess a slender waistline, then you will discover that any kind of bra panty will suit you well. Nonetheless, teddies, corsets, and garter belts are considered top-notch choices for women. Again, if you wish, you can opt for thongs having a lace bra or a high-leg panty.

2. Bra Panty Set for Triangle Body Type

When you have big hips then you can be called having triangle body type and here, your hips tend to be wider compared to your shoulders. So, here the idea remains turning your body seem more proportionate and balanced. Hence, a bustier would be an excellent option for you for drawing attention to your big breasts. Again, you can also attempt to wear a matching set that has a bandeau bra or ruffled bra and panties which would level out your hips and shoulders.

3. Lingerie For A Rectangle Body Type

When you possess an athletic figure but without any defined curve, then you are having a rectangular body. For this kind of body, you require something which would cinch at your waist and so, corsets will turn into an ideal option for you. The corsets make a woman look sensuous as they add curves. When you possess a long torso, then a teddy or a garter belt will look superb on you. Again, you can also accentuate your breasts when you opt for a bustier lingerie set or push-up bras.

4. Lingerie for An Inverted Triangle Body Type

A woman who has a triangle body type has broad shoulders and for these kinds of women, halter necks are the finest option. Again, when you have got a flatter bum, then you must opt for a teddy that would divert people’s attention. Women with this kind of body also opt for a bralette that has a matching panty or sometimes, thongs too does well for this kind of body.

5. Lingerie For A Round Body Type

When you possess a rounded waist and your upper body and torso happen to be wider compared to your waist, then you can assume of having a round body. For this kind of body, women need lingerie which would make their body seem proportionate. For these kinds of women, a negligee would hide their waistline’s chunks and they would be the best option. Again, a teddy too will sit well on this kind of body. For a newbie, a pair of satin lingerie gowns or chemises would also turn into interesting choices as they are sexy and provide women full coverage.

When you have known all about the sexy bra panty sets, you can get your kind of set and make yourself look sultry and sexy, flirty and fun, and comfy and cool.

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