12 Innovative and Stylish Saree Draping Styles By Dolly Jain

It’s a well-known fact that every Indian Woman, from a teenager to a woman in her 50s or more that, looks beautiful in Saree. Even modern-day Western Attires like Short skirts or crop tops are nothing in comparison to a Saree. But what if we collaborate these modern-day outfits with our traditional Saree. Why worry when we’re going to get certain tips from the woman who’s known for Draping a Saree in 325 styles and is a celebrity designer along with Limca Book of World Record Holder: DOLLY JAIN

Saare Draping Styles

Stalking the Instagram feed of almost every actress might make you wonder about how they drape a normal saree in such a beautiful way. Well, Dolly Jain has answers to all your questions, so be ready to Jam up your saree with almost any other piece of clothing you have at home, to make a style statement.

Saare Draping Styles

1. Saree Draped Over A Lehenga

Saare Draping Styles

Can’t decide what to wear on a wedding or any other function or are stuck between a Saree or a Lehenga?. Then this is the best option for you, where you can settle down the chaos in your mind by going for both. Yes, Saree draped over a Lehenga looks beautiful than you can ever imagine and will make you look different among the crowd. While the market is filled with pretty-stitched Lehenga Saree, you try to take some extra effort by doing it yourself. It’s not as difficult as you think it is. All you need to do is choose your favorite Lehenga and Saree which you want to wear, pleat the pallu quite a number of times and tuck it around the waist of the Lehenga. It will give you beautiful pleats at the front and bring the remaining pallu over the shoulder and pin it. And it’s done! Be ready to be in the limelight in the event.

2. Saree With Dupatta

Saare Draping Styles

Who said one can wear the Dupatta only with Lehenga or a suit. Add some Drama to your outfit by just adding up a Dupatta to your Saree. By just adding up a Dupatta your look will seem more elegant and different from others. For the ones who feel saree draping is not their piece of cake, this draping style is the simplest of all. All you need to have is a Dupatta which would suit your Saree which you’re planning to wear. After draping your Saree normally, tuck one end of the Dupatta on the right side of your waist, then go ahead and drape it from under your left arm and throw it over your right should like a Saree Pallu. It’s perfect for a close-knit family wedding function and you would be surely asked by many for a tutorial.

3. Traditional drape with Two Saree

Saare Draping Styles

If you are getting married and want an extraordinary outfit for your big day but also don’t want to stick to the usual outfits which brides often wear, then go for the traditional drape Two Saree with perfect bridal blouse designs. Cause, why not!. One Saree is not enough to create that kind of effect, draping two of them would surely give you the Royal Look and leave everyone awestruck.

Choose two sarees before proceeding with this kind of styling. Drape the first Saree the regular way, but make sure the pallu is left in the front on the left side. Next up, pleat and drape the other side from the back on the right side. While one saree is pleated on the right and draped in a conventional way over the left shoulder, the other is pleated on the left side and draped over the right shoulder, thus giving the attire a super voluminous effect.
Well, it gets a bit complicated but ladies, it’s worth it.

4. Saree Over Kurta

Saare Draping Styles

Bored of the everyday outfits and want to try something new, then this Saree Over A Kurta Draping Style is a perfect pick for you.
Be your own fashion designer, by selecting matching hued kurta and a Saree or opting for two contrasting colors. Also, the millennials who are bored with the traditional draping style of Saree can opt for this pattern. Draping it is quite easy. It’s all about mix and match. Be ready to turn heads and make a style statement with it at your office parties or even at a casual function.

5. Saree Over Jeans

Saare Draping Styles

This is the look almost everyone is going gaga over. Newbie in the town, you will see Actresses and A-list bloggers rocking it gracefully. Add some comfort to your Saree by pairing it up with jeans and some drama to your regular jeans-top by draping it with Saree. First of all, you need to choose jeans and a top which would go with your Saree. You can choose a matching T-shirt or a contrasting one. Then you need to do is take the pallu and throw them over your shoulder, the regular way. Then, bring the other side of the Saree around you and tug at the waist. Lastly, pleat the leftover Saree in the middle and tuck them inside your jeans. Really easy to recreate and can make you look even cooler when paired with sneakers!

6. Saree with Culottes or Palazzos

Saare Draping Styles

If you’re not comfortable with jeans and want something more comfortable then you can rock this look too. Combining a Saree with a Culotte or a Palazzo would give your Saree a new look altogether. Draping would be easy and you would look smart and super stylish. Whether it’s an office party or a family function, you can make jaws drop with this look.

7. Saree Draped Over A Gown Or Floor Length Anarkali

Saare Draping Styles

To add more glam to your outfit drape your Saree over a gown or a floor-length Anarkali of same or contradictory color. Dolly Jain has even created her own indo-western gown-glamazon to save your time. It’s also super easy to recreate the look, the draping technique has been given on Dolly Jain’s Social Media account. Just a couple of minutes of effort to create a new look and let people drool over your outfit.

8. Saree with Pants or Leggings

Saare Draping Styles

Saare Draping Styles

Make a way for the mixture of Saree with Pants or Leggings. If you have a doubt regarding how it will look then don’t worry, Dolly Jain is here to help you out. Draping Saree over leggings or pants is the new trend and all you need to is follow certain tips and be trendy. Go a bit extra and find matching pair of top and leggings or any other pants and jam it up. You can also make use of a belt to make your look stand out from the crowd. The cigarette pants on Saree will surely give you a chic look which you would want to wear for any sort of party or to a family function.

9. Double Cowl Saree Drape

Saare Draping Styles

Bored with the traditional draping pattern?. Then why not bring about a change in the way in which you drape your Saree. To add a bit of a volume to your Saree, go for the Double Cowl Saree Drape. Start by tucking your Saree at four points (front, back, and on both sides) while you wrap it around in an anti-clock direction. Pleat it as you would normally do, but the difference is instead of throwing the pallu over your left shoulder, draw it over your right shoulder, that too from behind. Finally, take the left tip of the pallu and secure it to your blouse with safety pins. It might sound a tad bit complicated, but practice can make just about anyone perfect. This way definitely makes head turns and will help you to make a style statement.

10. Dhoti Style Saree Drape

Saare Draping Styles

If you Google this kind of Saree Draping you would find a number of different ways to drape it into Dhoti style. Being a bit complicated you will surely require some professional help to get this look. However, it will be worth it. Many actresses nowadays go for this look. It’s extremely comfortable, easy to carry, and also looks dapper. A pro tip given by Dolly Jain is that, stay clear from printed Saree as they tend to blur the version of dhoti like a drape.

11. Belted Saree StyleSaare Draping Styles

Who said you can only use a belt over your jeans or on your skirt. Using a belt over a Saree not only gives your Saree a different look but also makes your figure look curvier thus making your outfit a showstopper. Make a style statement by trying this look and everyone won’t be able to take their eyes off you. This look is a win-win for any traditional days at college or wedding reception. It’s just a matter of seconds. Just put on a belt that goes with your Saree and you’re all set to rock the floor.

12. Gown Style Saree Draping

Saare Draping Styles

Tired of handling the pallu again and again and they go for the Gown Style of Saree Draping. This new pattern would surely amaze anyone who sees it for the first time. Fashionable and trendy, this pattern has it all. It will drop jaws and surely you would get a number of texts asking for the method of how to drape it. This pattern gives the look of a saree and a gown altogether.

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