15 Unique and Inspiring Infinity Tattoo For Girls

The craze for tattoos is mushrooming day by day and almost everyone wants them. A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Some of them opt for inking their names or the names of their beloved ones on their body. While some go for traditional designs, symbolic or minimalist tattoos. Tattoos have become an embodiment of being cool in this millennial society. Tattoos become a source for people to express themselves. They can flaunt any idea or their faith, their belief or their support towards something with the help of a Tattoo. Tattoos are more than words, they aren’t just pieces of art or tags that are stuck on your body forever. But on the contrary, are the ways of identifying yourself. They help you to stand out and are more meaningful than you can think.

Infinity Tattoo

When it comes to the infinity symbol, it defines the ideas of being endless and limitless. The tattoos featuring infinity symbols can hold various significant hidden meanings. The infinity tattoos are gaining popularity as the youth as well as the older generation prefer it as the most simple yet meaningful tattoo. People ink it on their hands, collarbone, wrists, neck, fingers and even on legs. Infinity tattoos can be mixed with other popular tattoos like love, heart, names, hope, family, birds and so on.

Top 15 Infinity Tattoo Designs which anyone can flaunt easily

1. Freedom Infinity Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

This tattoo design is really simple and anyone can understand it’s meaning after having a glimpse of it. It portrays one’s freedom. That freedom can be of any kind or type. It can describe one’s freedom from their own thoughts or freedom from social injustices and clusters. It’s a sober tattoo, yet holds a great significance. These infinity tattoo designs display infinite freedom.

2. Feather Infinity Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

Nowadays, many people consider and want to remove the feather tattoo. It’s like a trend, which is growing day by day. If you are planning to have one then try to mix it up with infinity tattoo. A feather infinity tattoo will give you a chic look and would look cool and meaningful at the same time. It appears to be very attractive once embraced.

3. The God Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

Tattoos are beyond religion, you can ink your ink your affection and devotion towards your Lord through the Infinity Tattoo. The normal infinity tattoo can be combined with the symbols of your significant lord towards whom you want to show your admiration. It’s a tattoo suitable for both men and women.

4. Sibling Love Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

Keeping the fights apart, there is no pure form of love other than siblings love. They are always there for you, no matter what as your solid backbone. And the right way to display your love and affection towards each other is by inking a sibling love tattoo. Even best friends who are more like siblings can remove it. The infinity tattoo can be mixed with siblings name or you can write soul sisters or born brothers to emphasize your tattoo.

5. Trustworthy Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

Getting a trustworthy infinity tattoo is always gonna remain at the top of the list. This tattoo never fails to show one’s belief in faith. The most important person you need to trust is you, trust yourself. And to show that trust, there no better option than inking this tattoo. Infinity tattoo designs get a new outlook by just adding one word.

6. Aspiration Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

An aspiration infinity tattoo is a metaphor of restoring hope in yourself and your situation. Not to give up is the aim and what can be better than a tattoo to remind you this every single day. This infinity aspiration tattoo itself gives you hope and looks dapper in its own way.

7. Trio Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

A group of three is better than two they say, well it’s technically correct. The three Musketeers or Harry Potter and many such movies will justify it. You meet different kind of people throughout your journey and some stay in your life forever. In order to celebrate this bond drag your friends to the tattoo parlour for having an identity of your group. You can add your group’s name or promises to the tattoo

8.Love Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

People may come and go but family stays, always. If you’re planning to ink a tattoo, give this one a chance. A perfect opportunity to express your love and gratitude towards your family members. A cute infinity love tattoo with the word family inked on your hand would turn out to be a perfect gift.

9.Connection Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

Falling in love is great, isn’t it? What’s better than a infinity connection tattoo to show your love towards your partner. A couple can opt for this tattoo as it signifies their infinite born and resembles forever promises. Also you can surprise your better half with this tattoo by adding some personified touch in it. For instance, along with the tattoo try to ink the date on which you met or got married or name of your favourite place.

10. The Bow Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

The bow tattoo shaped in a infinity symbol design is nothing less than cool and effective. It can be described as the perfect tattoo resembling to your aims and goals. The tattoo can also help you to seek directions , when you feel lost. Moving ahead should always be them motto. It can be considered as one of the most beautiful infinity tattoo design

11. Liberty Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

A liberty tattoo is a perfect representation of freedom but with certain duties and responsibilities attached to it. It encourages you to embrace yourself, to move forward, achieve your goals but along with your loved one’s. It’s a advice to keep your family and friends along with you, to celebrate your success and also to share your grief.

12. Power Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

You’re strong and you know that. Let it sink into your mind with this infinity tattoo design by adding a significance of power and strength in it. This tattoo might help you over come your failures and setbacks, remember they are not gonna last forever. The sun will shine on you again. This infinity tattoo design will celebrate your strength.

13.Blossom Flower

Infinity Tattoo

Joy is a flower that blooms when you do. Be happy and your own happiness depends upon you, remember that. An infinity blossom flower tattoo will justify your blooming period, that you’re growing into the better version of yourself. The thorns will remind you of the hurdles in your life and how you have to overcome it.

14. Beloved Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo

If you have a pet then this one is a must have, cause pets are more than pets, they are family. They make us happy when our mood is disturbed or sad. So lets make them happy and ink something for them to show our love and gratitude towards them.

If you’re considering to ink any Infinity Tattoo Design, try to think about the message and reason behind the tattoo to add more significance to it.

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