20+ Easy and Simple Blouse Designs For Saree

The perfect blouse gives the perfect look when you wore a saree. And you need not wear only the glittering blouse to have a gorgeous look. Remember the famous quote “To be irreplaceable one must always be different”.

simple blouse design

Simple blouse design also makes you look pretty good and all you have to do is to select the fashionable trendy designs. This makes you look more lovely and confident. Check out these beautiful blouse designs from brand Ajio.

1. Round Neck Blouse with Black and White print

simple blouse design

This simple blouse design gives you a confident look. It is comfortable and you can wear it by going to the office and other work. It is simple yet amazing and gives you a vibrant gesture. You can wear it with any of your saree. The white and black combination of colors makes it more elegant.

2. Half sleeves blouse with collar

simple blouse design

Blouses with collar will always give a different look. It is fashionable and lovely. Its color and print make it more attractive. This blouse will ensure you don’t get discomfort. The color looks stunning and also it comforts you.

3. V Neck blouse front and back with frill on the shoulder

simple blouse designs

This blouse gives you a dazzling appearance. You can wear them at functions. It gives you a designer look. It makes you feel confident and amazing. It suits everyone. It is for those who want their appearance to be dazzling.

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4. Traditional style blouse with Dori

simple blouse designs

This simple blouse design is decent and simple. It gives you a pleasant look. It resembles Rajasthani ladies and their dresses. It looks comfortable and stylish. You can wear them in any family function. Its pleasant look makes it more appealing.

5. Jacket style blouse

simple blouse designs

This design is not common among ladies. Hence gives you a unique look. It is so stylish and makes your appearance more stunning. It suits every saree and gives you a designer look. It makes your appearance more appealing and lovely.

6. Round neck blouse with a frill design

simple blouse designs

The button on the back resembles comfort. This blouse so comfortable that you can wear it when going shopping. Frills on the elbow look lovely. This blouse is simple yet pretty. The color is so pleasant. The design is simple yet eye-catching.

7. Sleeveless blouse with a Dori

simple blouse designs

This is a blouse that is simple yet stylish. The color combination is so beautiful. Pink with grey gives you a bright and bubbly look. It is best suited for family functions. It is comfortable and stunning. It gives you better results in less effort.

8. Lovely Blue Color Blouse with a Dori

Simple Blouse Designs

This blouse with buttons in the front looks so beautiful. It is having a v shape neck in the front and a round shape at the back. It also has a round cut at the back with a Dori. It comprises of zig-zag design. The combination of blue and white gives a stylish look to it.

9. V shape front with a collar

simple blouse designs

It is having a triangle design that looks stylish. Such blouses are so comfortable and can be wear by working ladies. As the working woman demands style with comfort. And this blouse fulfills all the requirements. It is having a collar that gives a formal look to it. The color is so pleasant that makes it more eye-catching.

10. A Crop Top Style Blouse with a Round Neck

simple blouse designs

This is a type of blouse that gives you a stunning look. The color is so bright and suits any type of function. It makes you look more attractive. You can stand out by wearing such a designer blouse.

11. Fabulous floral printing back button blouse

simple blouse designs

The floral design and the color palette in this blouse are enough to attract other attention. Floral designs are always unique in their way. It gives you a young fabulous look. This center curved boat neck fitted blouse always gives you a comfortable way to wear it.

12. Blue cotton back tied blouse

simple blouse designs

All about the attraction in this blouse is the back tie. This one is the trendiest design nowadays. Yes, it makes you look wonderful. And it gives more and more attraction when you put your saree in a single pleat.

13. Brown boat neck blouse with small front knot

simple blouse designs

The boat neck blouse always makes you look classy. It is very comfortable for you to wear. Our dressing will boost up our confidence level. This boat neck fitted blouse is preferable for casual as well as occasion times.

15. Royal black blouse with back strings

simple blouse designs

When everyone’s addiction is something else, here this one is for those who are in black addiction. And no one says black lovers only have to wear black. See the back strings, it will surely attain the attention of others silently.

16. 3/4th sleeve round neck polyester blouse

simple blouse designs

There is no doubt, it will definitely give you a sassy gorgeous look. It will be perfectly fitted to your body whatever your size. This type of blouse is size free and when we see the comfort side it lists the first. This trendy blouse has a separate fan-base.

17. Cotton blouse with front button design

simple blouse designs

The specialty of this type of blouse is it is the combination of traditional and modern formula and simply it will give you a different look.

18. Curved v neck with floral design blouse

simple blouse designs

This blouse design is something amazing to see. Remember People will stare at you and make it worth wearing this kind of blouse. Small floral blouses are rare species things. It will be suitable for many common colored sarees. You will admire yourself when you wear this type of design blouses. Stop starring and start buying.

19. A double designed collar blouse

simple blouse designs

This type of blouses gives you respect and honor. It will give you a stylish look in addition to classy. It will be more suitable for anyone and people keep admiring at your dressing sense when you make simple clothes into a luxury one. And these are the examples.

20. Deep front neck blouse with cold shoulder

simple blouse designs

There is no doubt about this kind of blouse. It will be more suitable for partying, occasional time and also as well as casual days. It gives an elegant look when you wear this. I swear you will admire you more. Try this one and thank me later.

21. Pure Cotton blouse with the back open

simple blouse designs

Here you have a fantastic design blouse. The floral design and the small folded strap in the hand showing a stunning look. The luxury looks in this type of blouse will never get fades out. Hurry to buy this and make others copying you.

22. Kalamkari Simple Blouse Design with the Back Open

simple blouse designs

Kalamkari always robs our hearts. A woman who wears the Kalamkari design blouse looks like an idol. Yes, Kalamkari has no pearl beats but it still gives an alluring look. The back open design is very unique and good from other designs. This type of simple blouse design is like magnets and it will attract others towards you.

Photo Credit: Ajio

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