Top 10 Latest Modern Indian Wedding Dress Ideas For Guests

Wedding season is no less than a festival in our country. Everybody looks forward to celebrating and partying with the bride and groom, having lots of fun, making it a memorable day. The most important thing that people worry about is clothing, as they go from store to store to find the perfect wedding collection, trying to keep up with the trend. 2021 is a year with many new fashion labels and wedding collections released, giving people more choices.

Wedding Dress Idea

There are so many things a person has to figure out before a wedding to prepare for it, right from hair and makeup to clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. Purchasing apparel from the wedding collection is one thing, styling it is a whole different ball game. Worry not, because this article will give a comprehensive list of modern trends popular amongst India’s wedding crowd.

The 2021 Fashion Trends that stand Apart:

India is a country filled with color and culture, and the people living here are equally creative. They have come up with so many ways to style a wedding collection piece into something super trendy so that everybody tries it out the next time when they get the chance. Following are a few trends that will help zhush up the entire wedding look, especially if the person is an important member either from the bride’s or the groom’s side:

1. Elegant Motifs of Floral:

Indian Wedding Dress

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Indian Wedding Dress

A floral motif pattern has been a favorite over generations, as it looks classy and chic and adds a touch of tradition to the entire look. These florals can be found either as block prints, smaller motifs, or extensive embroidery work; it could be anything. A list of combinations for motifs to go well is greens and whites, reds and blacks, navy blue, and yellows.

2. A Blouse to Make the Heads Turn:

Everybody knows a saree is a safe go-to option when it comes to weddings. There are many types of sarees to choose from. But what makes the whole look stand apart is the on-trend statement blouse that will make everybody’s heads turn in awe. The blouse’s main canvas is its back, as there is more room for more work to be displayed. Blouses these days sport beautiful designs on the back. Window designs, maybe a set of beautiful trees, and other embellishments are all displayed on the back.

3.The Regal Anarkali:

Anarkali is a classic choice. It does not require much thought; the dress in itself is long and elegant looking. There are so many types of Anarkalis in the market, right from ones that sport heavy embroidery to plain colors; there is a look for every taste!

4. The Classic Lehenga:

Indian Wedding Dress

No one can go wrong with a lehenga. When in doubt, always turn to a lehenga, another classic wedding guest outfit. Not only does it make the person wearing it look important in the crowd, but it also is easy to manage, unlike a saree.

5. The Shawl With a Twist:

A lehenga or a salwar is styled with an elegant and royal shawl, either draped over or pleated and secured with a belt. This is a fashion trend that is getting famous amongst the wedding guests who attend weddings at destinations located in cold places like Delhi. Tradition with a modern twist!

6. Spice up a Saree with a Jacket:

Another trend catching people’s eyes is a saree with a jacket look. Keeping a simple saree as a base, a person can jazz it up by wearing a heavy-work-based jacket with a lot of patterns and prints, along with a hit of color to make the whole look pop. This is a look for the rebel.

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7. The Choice of Clean Whites:

Sometimes, it is best to stick to the basic whites. Not only do they look neat on a person, but they also take away from the pressure of finding the right accessory to match, as this is the beauty of white. Any color, any style of accessory will pair well with it.

8. Saree-pants:

Nowadays, sarees worn as pants are a huge fashion statement. A simple or heavily printed saree can be tied in such a way that it mimics pants. This is very convenient and hassle-free to deal with a saree.

9.Traditional Silks:

Indian Wedding Dress

Even in today’s trendy world, the beauty of a traditional silk saree is still valued with perfect blouse design. The charm and grace that silk sarees give to a person are unmatchable.

10. Frilly Shararas:

Indian Wedding Dress

They have a reputation for being the younger sibling of “ghararas”. As compared to a gharara, it is a bit more modern, less intimidating, and quite beautiful.

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