How To Identify And Buy Pure Organza Sarees

Organza has numerous uses – it can be seen in everything ranging from casual wear to bridal dresses. It is lightweight and has a somewhat shiny look. It is easy to carry and looks absolutely gorgeous. Thus organza sarees are very common in the wedding saree market and the casual attire business. India is known for Bollywood films, where Bollywood actors and actresses enjoy a special kind of stardom. Bollywood actresses in their beautiful organza silk sarees created a ripple in the fashion scene throughout the 60s and 70s. This trend of organza silk sarees made a comeback in the mid-2000s as actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Anushka Sharma were seen flaunting their Organza sarees.

Vidya Balan in Saree
Vidya Balan in Organza Saree
Sonam Kapoor in Saree
Sonam Kapoor in Organza Saree

In India, these sarees are essential to the culture since sarees, in general, are iconic imprints of Indian tradition. One can have access to all kinds of these sarees made available in almost every region, in various colours, styles, and prints. This organza saree industry has peaked recently, as designers are coming up with new ideas and exciting approaches to produce all kinds of organza sarees. Some designers develop unconventional designs, while others stick to the basics and give us traditional sarees with modern sensibilities. Whatever be the type of saree, organza sarees make people look elegant. If someone wants to buy an organza saree online and are lost on how to go about it, this article will provide is the perfect guide.

Organza Sarees Online

Organza Sarees Online

Organza Sarees Online

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Organza is a light, thin, simple-woven fabric that was, and still is, created from silk that brings about checker-board like designs. With modern fashion’s emphasis on synthetic materials, it is also designed with synthetic fibres, mainly nylon and polyester, giving the fabric a matte finish. The name ‘Organza’ comes from the Organzine fabric, made by twisting silk fibre together. The fabric can also be distinguished by numerous minute cavities, which are the microscopic spaces between the weave design threads. A higher number of holes determines the quality of the fabric. The number of holes per inch indicates the quality of Organza. Organza is widely used for wedding sarees and even evening attire since it has a translucent, shimmer appearance.

Origin and Areas of Production

Organza fabric, the same as other silk fabrics, emerged first in China. Traders began trading Organza via the Silk Route, from China to Europe and eventually to English colonies. Thus the production of Organza started everywhere in the world. China continues to be the largest producer and exporter of this fabric. A firmer kind of Organza is manufactured in Bangalore, making India a big producer of Organza. Countries like Italy and France export very fine organza fabric as well.

How to identify Organza?

Organza has many identifying qualities. The fabric is a translucent material, which means one can partially look through it. This is because the weave makes microscopic holes. Organza is also very flimsy, as the yarn is weaved quite tightly to make the fabric translucent. The material captures light gorgeously and reflects it well due to the nature of silk. This gives Organza a shimmery look. Due to the yarns being treated in acid before weaving, it is firm and not like traditional silk, which is flowy and soft. The stiff feel and mouldable drape are gifts for designers who want to create unique silhouette patterns with the sarees. Organza fabric is highly breathable, as the pores in them allow air to pass through the material with ease. Organza is susceptible to wrinkles because of its thin and firm quality, and although the individual fibres are solid, the fabric can rip with ease. But the material is often multilayered, so shreds are harder to find.

Organza silk sarees are difficult to market because different artisans in different regions have their unique essence in their designs. So, embroidered Organza sarees are common in some areas of the country, while printed sarees are available largely in a few other locations. But with the option of buying organza saree online, consumers are exposed to a wide variety of sarees from all around India while also providing the option for a catalogue from a particular region if someone prefers a region-specific variety. Sarees that are a single shade everywhere with a contrasting border are considered the classic organza sarees. With the smooth texture of these sarees, designers can apply beautiful patterns and designs of their choice digitally to the saree. One can buy these gorgeously printed organza sarees with contrasting border or without them. While purchasing an organza saree online, one can pick lovely sarees in every category possible, though. One should go for collections that are full of different styles and colours. Try to buy from an online portal that offers an extensive catalogue and a thorough see-through.

Fine embellishments of any kind build upon the silky fabric to add some lustre to sarees that are not too lustrous. Buying organza saree online will amp up anyone’s saree game, so one should prepare oneself to be the centre of attention on a celebratory occasion at home or a casual lunch party at work.

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